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Modern Korean Society: Its Development and Prospect

From the publisher’s website:

This volume serves as a comprehensive survey textbook on modern Korean society for use by students and teachers alike. The chapters provide discussion on key issues of modern Korean studies, including regionalism, inequality, and division. The common theme is the influence of Korea’s unique traditional elements on the modernization process and the country’s prospects for the future.


  1. The Contour of Modern Korean Society | Hyuk-Rae Kim
  2. Regionalism and National Networks | Yong-Hak Kim
  3. The Korean Stratification System: Continuity and Change | Hagen Koo
  4. Inequality and Class Reproduction in Everyday Life | Wang-Bae Kim and Bok Song
  5. Economic Governance: Its Historical Development and Future Prospects | Hyuk-Rae Kim
  6. From Take-off to Drop-off?: Postwar Economic Development and Industrialization | Karl J. Fields
  7. Family, Gender, and Sexual Inequality | Seung-Kyung Kim
  8. Population Changes and Urbanization | Kye-Choon Ahn
  9. Social Grievances and Social Protests against the Oppressive State | Dong-No Kim
  10. The Making of Civil Society in Historical Perspective | Hyuk-Rae Kim
  11. Division, War, and Reunification | Bruce Cumings

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