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Newcomers and Global Migration in Contemporary South Korea: Across National Boundaries

From the publisher’s website:

Newcomers and Global Migration in Contemporary South Korea: Across National Boundaries examines the intersections of race, class, gender and inequalities in global migration in contemporary South Korea. The contributors explore South Korean migration policies and study diverse migrants living and working in South Korea as low-wage undocumented workers, refugees, Korean returnees, migrant women married to Korean men, and white professionals. The chapters in this collection make visible the differentiation and divergence of migration experiences due to race, class, gender, and place of origin, which are all also mediated by local inequalities in South Korea.

Sung-Choon Park teaches sociology at New York City College of Technology of the City University of New York. He is the author of Korean International Students and the Making of Racialized Transnational Elites.

Joong-Hwan Oh is professor of sociology at Hunter College of The City University of New York.


Part I: New Migration Regime in South Korea

  1. Multiculturalism as a Political Project for a New Korean Nation-Building: Explaining the Political Consensus on Multiculturalism Policy | Mi-Kyung Kim
  2. Explaining South Korea’s Diaspora Engagement Policies | Timothy C. Lim and Dong-Hoon Seol
  3. Globalization and Language Education: English Village in South Korea | Jamie Shinhee Lee

Part II: Return Migrants from Uneven and Unequal Korean Diaspora

  1. Hierarchical Citizenship in Perspective: South Korea’s Korean Chinese | Woo Park
  2. A Research on Social and Self Perspective towards Highly Educated Korean Returnees Focusing on Business Context | Keunsun You
  3. Acquiring Higher Education Credentials at Home: Korean Student Return Migrants from Latin America | Jin Suk Bae

Part III: Labor Migration from the Global North & South

  1. Living as Foreign Scientists: Stories of Nineteen Expatriate Professors in South Korea | Hyung Wook Park
  2. Creating Hidden Social Capital: A Case of Indonesian Immigrants of Wongok-dong in South Korea | Kwang Woo Park
  3. The Construction of Migrant ‘Illegality’: The Case of Thai Migrant Workers in South Korea | Julia Jiwon Shin and Don Tajaroensuk

Part IV: Family Migration and Refugees

  1. Freeing the Migrant Women in South Korea from a Shackle of Poverty: An Inquiry into the Causes of Poverty and the Suggestion of Policy Responses | Soon-yang Kim and Soo-jung Go
  2. Exploring how Mobility Affects Muslim lives: The Case of Yemeni Refugees on Jeju Island | Farrah Sheikh

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