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No Alternative?: Experiments in South Korean Education

No Alternative? examines education in South Korea beyond daytime K-16 schooling—an escalating phenomenon in an increasingly neoliberal and globalizing society. Ethnographic portraits of private after-schooling, alternative schooling, home schooling, and adult distance education reveal that education producers and consumers often reject mainstream education while simultaneously seeking or embracing its symbolic value.

Nancy Abelmann is Harry E. Preble Professor and associate vice chancellor for research (humanities, arts, and related fields) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Jung-ah Choi is an assistant professor at Governors State University; So Jin Park is a research fellow at the Institute for Social Development Studies at Yonsei University.

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Introduction | Nancy Abelmann, Jung-ah Choi, and So Jin Park

PART I Educational Transformation

  1. South Korea’s Educational Exceptionalism | Michael Seth
  2. South Korea’s “School Collapse” Debates | Jae Hoon Lim

PART II Alternative Education

  1. A Second-Chance High School: Students’ Second-Class Internalization and Stratification | Jung-ah Choi
  2. Homeschooling Adventures of the Middle Class | Deok-Hee Seo
  3. Overcoming the “Pseudo-University”: The Transformative Learning of Adult Women | Kiyeon Yi

PART III Supplemental Education

  1. Private Institutes as Educational Sedatives | Misook Kim
  2. Mothers’ Anxious Management of the Private After-School Education Market | So Jin Park

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