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Rat Fire: Korean Stories from the Japanese Empire

This volume brings together twelve short stories by colonial Korean proletarian writers, as well as two works written in 1946 under U.S. military occupation. The volume provides a diverse, ever-changing portrait of the complex movements of people and ideas that constituted both colonial Korea and the Japanese empire, adding the tumultuous experiences of those from the Korean peninsula to the existing international canon of socialist and feminist literature.

LKL adds: the collection contains the following stories:

Ch’ae Man-Sik: Mister Pang (1946) tr Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton
Cho Myŏng-hŭi : Naktong River (1927) tr Ross King
Ch’oe So-hae: Bloody Flames (1927) tr Jin-kyung Lee
Han Seol-ya: Railroad Crossing (1936) tr Jin-kyung Lee
Kang Kyŏng-ae: Darkness (1937) tr Ruth Barraclough
Kang Kyŏng-ae: Salt (1934) tr Jin-kyung Lee
Kim Namch’on: The Factory Newspaper (1931) tr Young-Ji Kang
Kim Sa-ryang: Tenma (1940) tr Christina Yi
Kim Yŏng-sŏk: Trolley Driver (1946) tr Jonathan Kief
Paek Sin-ae : Kkŏraei (1933) tr Kimberly Chung
Pak Yŏng-hŭi: The Hound (1925) trTheodore Hughes
Song Yŏng : The Blast Furnace (1926) tr Samuel Perry
Yi Hyo-seok: City and Specter (1928) tr Young-Ji Kang
Yi Ki-yŏng: Rat Fire (1933) tr Jin-kyung Lee
Yi Nam-wŏn : Pusan (1935) tr Mee Chang

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