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Rock Is Thunder (K-Poet 35)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2023
Original title: 돌이 천둥이다, 2023
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Poet Lee Jae-hoon’s “Stones Are Thunder” Lending Tears to the Silent Poet

Lee Jae-hoon’s fifth collection of poems, “Stones Are Thunder,” will be published as the 35th volume of the K-Poet series. Poet Lee Jae-hoon began his career in 1998 with Contemporary Poetry and has published poetry collections such as My First Report on the Horse Tribe, Becoming Pluto, The Myth of Bugs, and Biological Tears. The poet, who has expanded the poetic world with a mythical imagination that is not limited by time and space, focuses on an object called stone this time. In the works in this collection of poems, stones appear in various ways. “A stone that cannot be measured by time, a stone that has no owner, a stone that is despised, a stone that is worshipped, a stone that is discarded, collected, hidden, and hidden” was hung up for a long time and bound into a book of poems. Finding a sparkling sense of origin in the smallest and most insignificant, perhaps marginalized, could come from an attitude of exploring the origin and essence of the world. The Poet’s Notes and the Poet’s Essays provide a glimpse into how the poet came to encounter stone, and some of the works have been translated into English and published under the title Rock Is Thunder.

Source: Kyobo bookstore / Bing translate

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