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Seo-u / Thou (K-Fiction 022)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2018
Original title: 서우
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b The epicenter of ghost stories that began with “rumors of rumors of rumors” – In July 2018, “K-Fiction” Ganghwa road was elected as a “room” in the New Years edition of the Kyunghyang Newspaper in 2012 and started to work. He has been awarded the 8th Young Artist Award in 2017 and the 22nd Hankyoreh Literary Award in 2017. He is also active in publishing “Good People” and “Others” and is constantly creating works related to womens issues such as womens abhorrence, This womans voice is steadily loved by an experiment called thriller. Ganghwa-gil sees once again the character of anxiety and fear shared by the Korean womens public through “Seo-woo”.

After a while, the women who took a taxi to Jihyun-dong suddenly disappeared, and the me living in Jihyun-dong rushes in a taxi. As soon as I got into a taxi, I began to come up with various memories and nightmares of my childhood, and from then on, the taxi driver could not understand the unknown question I start to throw it to me.

Oh Hye-jin Cultural researcher explains in the commentary of “Suwoo” that Gwanghwal is the victim, the victim, the mop, the idiot, the witch, the lie , And “Rape”, which are typical images of women who have been stationed and consumed. In the extension of this, in the society where the existence condition of the woman belonging to the lower class of the city is the object of social stigma and the pixel of the ghost story, the hero of “Suwoo” never passes the psychopath in the fundamental sense, And that it can not even be a “genuine evil” in the world of thrillers established by this eruption.

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