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Spaces of Possibility: In, Between, and Beyond Korea and Japan

From the publisher’s website:

Spaces of Possibility, which arose from a 2012 conference held at the University of Washington’s Simpson Center for the Humanities, engages with spaces in, between, and beyond the national borders of Japan and Korea. Some of these spaces involve the ambiguous longings and aesthetic refigurings of the past in the present, the social possibilities that emerge out of the seemingly impossible new spaces of development, the opportunities of genre, and spaces of new ethical subjectivities. Museums, colonial remains, new architectural spaces, graffiti, street theater, popular song, recent movies, photographic topography, and translated literature all serve as keys for unlocking the ambiguous and contradictory—yet powerful—emotions of spaces, whether in Tokyo, Seoul, or New York.


List of Illustrations
Foreword | Marilyn Ivy
Introduction: Movement, Collaboration, Spaces of Difference | Andrea Gevurtz Arai and Clark W. Sorensen

Part I: Spaces of the Colonial Present

  1. The Remains of Colonial History | Janet Poole
  2. When is a Prison Like a Folk Art Museum? Movement, Affect, and the After-Colonial in Seoul and Tokyo | Andrea Gevurtz Arai

Part II: Landscapes of the Possible

  1. The Global Image: Art, Urbanism, and Gathering Politics in Korea, Japan, and the World | Tom Looser
  2. You Were Right About The Stars: Reading a History of War and Occupation in the Streets of Koza | Christopher T. Nelson

Part III: Restructuring Place

  1. “Mokp’o’s Tears”: Marginality and Historical Consciousness in Contemporary South Korea | Clark W. Sorensen
  2. Economies of “Soft Power”: Rereading Waves from Nepal | Robert Oppenheim and Heather Hindman
  3. Embracing Postcolonial Potentiality: New Faces of Pro-Japanese Collaborators in Contemporary Korea | Kyoung-Lae Kang

Part IV: Politics of the Possible

  1. Chang Hyŏkchu and Japan’s Koma Shrine: Koreans in Japan, Past and Present | John Whittier Treat
  2. Nakahira Takuma and the Photographic Topographies of Possibility | Franz Prichard
  3. Translation and Censorship: Colonial Writing and Anti-Imperial Imagination of Asia in 1910s Korea | Heekyoung Cho

Afterword: “Time’s Envelope” | Harry Harootunian


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