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Spirit of the Mountains

Publisher: , 1999
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From the back cover:

San-shin (Mountain-spirit, Mountain-god or Spirit of the Mountains) is not yet very well-known in the world, despite being the most central and characteristic figure in traditional Korean culture. It remains uniquely Korean, although depicted with imported Chinese artistic motifs, which are clearly explained in this volume.

Its various cultural roles and manifestations are described, with photos of San-shin icons and their shrines from all over South Korea, pointing out their various common and unique religious & artistic characteristics.  The various connection and relationships of San-shin with Korea’s six major philosophical / religious / ideological traditions — Buddhism, Shamanism, Confucianism, Daoism, Nationalism and Christianity — are fully explored.

The other deities and symbols which share paintings and shrines with San-shin are briefly introduced, to shed further light on its identity.  Contrary cases of contemporary opposition to San-shin and the potential roles of mountain-worship in 21st-century Korean culture (national identity, ecological protection and re-unification) are discussed to provide deeper perspectives.

This book is the most comprehensive study ever published on Korea’s ancient mountain-worship traditions, in any language.  The author hopes that it will introduce San-shin to a global audience.

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