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Straight Lines and Poison Gas – At the Hospital Wards (Bi-lingual, Vol 18 – Liberty)

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2013.
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I stood up with him. I reeled from the feeling of futility, with my legs shaky and my entire body sluggish. As I was walking out of that empty, white, square-shaped room, the man turned around, gave my shoulder a friendly grab, and looked straight into my eyes. “By the way, Sir, you might want to think a bit more as you draw from now on. Hahah. Please don’t get the wrong idea or anything… Oh, is Heo Seong-su your father’s brother?” His eyes, now focused menacingly at my face, were thin and small like fishhooks, their irises barely showing. Yet I couldn’t look away, caught on the sharp points of the fishhooks. Hearing my uncle’s full name sprung from the lips of that man was such an unexpected shock that I could hardly breathe for a while.

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