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Sunset: A Ch’ae Manshik Reader

Ch’ae Manshik is one of the most accomplished modern Korean writers yet is underrepresented in English translation because of the challenges posed by his distinctive voice and colloquial style. Sunset: A Ch’ae Manshik Reader is the first English-language anthology of his works and features a variety of genres—novella, short fiction, anecdotal essay, travel writing, children’s story, one-act play, three-act play, and roundtable discussion.

This anthology moves beyond the usual “representative works” to provide a well-rounded selection of writing by one of Korea’s most innovative and memorable voices, drawing on Ch’ae’s ten-volume Complete Works. This edition also provides a comprehensive introduction outlining the limitations of existing approaches to Ch’ae. It contextualizes the anthology’s contents both in terms of the author’s career and the rich Korean tradition of intertextuality and intermediality that he reflects from the country’s earliest times to the new millennium.

Ch’ae Manshik (1902–1950) published his first story in 1924, at the age of twenty-two, and went on to publish many other works in a variety of genres.

Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton are translators of numerous volumes of modern Korean fiction.

Contains the following stories:

In Three Directions (1924)
Ungrateful Wretch (1925)
Skewered Beef (1929)
Egg on my face (1930)
A Writing Worm’s life (1935)
Travel Sketches (1935)
Challenges facing today’s writers (1937)
Whatever Possessed me? (A play in one act) (1937)
Yujeong and I (1937)
Juvesenility (1938)
A man called Hungbo (1939)
My “Flower and Soldier” (1940)
A three-way conversation on Kingmin literature (1941)
The Grasshopper, the kingfisher and the ant (1941)
Mister Pang (1946)
Blind Man Shim (a play in three acts) (1947)
Sunset (1948)
Angel for a day (1960)

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