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Taekwondo: Philosophy and Culture

Publisher: , 2001
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From the publisher’s website:

Taekwondo is an international and Olympic sport which meets a growing interest in the development of increased concentration and spirit in many parts of the world. Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world and contributes not only to the improvement of human health but also to the establishment of human unity within society.

This book is focused on Taekwondo philosophybased on content, research and teaching methods. Also included is an outline of the development of the World Taekwondo Federation and other associated institutions.

Taekwondo not only fortifies the body and spirit through physical exercise but also contains ‘Han’ philosophy in every movement. This book highlights the connection between ‘Han’ and Taekwondo in order to improve Taekwondo culture. It is dedicated to all who have an interest in and affection for Taekwondo.

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