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The Cloud Dream of the Nine, a Korean Novel: A Story of the Times of the Tangs of China About 840 A.D

Translated by:
Publisher: , 1922
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From the introduction (reproduced in WorldCat)

The reader must lay aside all Western notions of morality if he would thoroughly enjoy this book. The scene of the amazing Cloud Dream of the Nine, the most moving romance of polygamy ever written, is laid about 849 A.D. in the period of the great Chinese dynasty of the Tangs. By its simple directness this hitherto unknown Korean classic makes an ineffaceable impression. But the story of the devotion of Master Yang to eight women and of their devotion to him and to each other is more than a nave tale of the relations of men and women under a social code so far removed from our own as to be almost incredible. It is a record of emotions, aspirations and ideas which enables us to look into the innermost chambers of the Chinese soul. The Cloud Dream of the Nine is a revelation of what the Oriental thinks and feels not only about things of the earth but about the hidden things of the Universe. It helps us towards a comprehensible knowledge of the Far East.

By Kim Man-Choong (1617-1682 A.D.) president of the Confucian College. Translated by James S. Gale, with an introduction by Elspet Keith Robertson Scott and sixteen illustrations.

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