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The Cruel City and Other Korean Short Stories

Editor: Genell Y Poitras
Author: , , , , , , , , ,
Translated by: , ,
Publisher: , 1983.
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Contains the stories:

Choe Cheong-hui: Chomnye tr Genell Y Poitras
Choe Cheong-hui: Round and Round the Pagoda tr Genell Y Poitras
Choe Cheong-hui: The Ritual at the Well tr Genell Y Poitras
Hwang Sun-won: The Moon and the Crab’s Legs tr Edward W Poitras
Pak Yong-jun: The Touch of Life tr Choe Yong
Yi Ch’ŏng-jun: The Cruel City tr Choe Yong

The above list is taken from the index of the copy that is on my bookshelf. Strangely, there appear to be other editions of the same collection with a completely different table of contents. For example, the volume with this name, as reviewed by Charles Montgomery, and as listed on Goodreads and, has the following stories:

  • Son Chong-in: A journey
  • Choe Il-nam: The Tottering Castle
  • Cho Se-hui: The Mobius Band
  • Pak Wan-suh: A Small Experience
  • Yi Chong-jun: The Cruel City
  • So Tong-hun: A torchlight for the magpie nest
  • Hwang Sok-yong: Windfall

Maybe I have a highly rare collector’s item in my possession…

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