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The Greatest Gamble On Earth

Translated by:
Publisher: , 2023
Original title: 지상 최대의 내기, 2019
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“If I had to choose the richest person whom I would call a friend, I would pick Han Seung-hui.”

A reconnection with an old friend leads to an intriguing party invite with surprising results and, through this simple tale and the progress of a single relationship, but from separate and very different worlds, a deeper story is told of contemporary society and class.

About the Author

Kwak Jaesik is a Korean novelist, writer, and environmental engineer. He is best known for stories of ordinary people with plot twists displaying science fiction or fantasy elements. Some of his work has been adapted for television drama and comics. He has also written nonfiction on various subjects including science, technology, history and monster legends, often focusing on their humorous aspects. Recently, he has been working regularly in TV and radio.

About the Translator

Yun Hyowon is a translator working in Seoul, Korea. She was born and raised in Seoul and spent a few years in Canada, the U.S., and Germany as an adult. After working for the Herald Media as a staff reporter and raising a family, she began her translation career after receiving her master’s degree in Korean-English translation from the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation of EWHA in 2019. She has translated four books from English into Korean.

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