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The Korean Wave: Korean Popular Culture in Global Context

From the publisher’s website:

The rise in popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture began and is promoted as an official policy of the Korean government to revive the country’s economy. This study examines cultural production and consumption, glocalization, the West versus Asia, global race consciousness, and changing views of masculinity and femininity.


  1. Introduction | Kuwahara, Yasue
  2. Hallyu as a Government Construct: The Korean Wave in the Context of Economic and Social Development | Walsh, John
  3. Transformations of the Korean Media Industry by the Korean Wave: The Perspective of Glocalization | Ju, Hyejung
  4. The Politics of the Dancing Body: Racialized and Gendered Femininity in Korean Pop | Oh, Chuyun
  5. My Sassy Girl Goes around the World | Jung-Kim, Jennifer
  6. “Gangnam Style” as Format: When a Localized Korean Song Meets a Global Audience | Lee, Claire Seungeun (et al.)
  7. That’s My Man! Overlapping Masculinities in Korean Popular Music | Anderson, Crystal S.
  8. The S(e)oul of Hip-Hop: Locating Space and Identity in Korean Rap | Song, Myoung-Sun
  9. A Cultural Imperialistic Homecoming: The Korean Wave Reaches the United States | Molen, Sherri L. Ter
  10. Winter Sonata and Yonsama, Ideal Love, and Masculinity: Nostalgic Desire and Colonial Memory | Chae, Young Eun
  11. Hanryu: Korean Popular Culture in Japan | Kuwahara, Yasue

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The FT’s Simon Mundy has reviewed the book here.

Entry on here.

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