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Your Utopia

Translated by:
Publisher: , , 2024
Original title: 그녀를 만나다, 2021
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By the internationally acclaimed author of Cursed Bunny, in another thrilling translation from the Korean by Anton Hur, Your Utopia is full of tales of loss and discovery, idealism and dystopia, death and immortality. “Nothing concentrates the mind like Chung’s terrors, which will shrivel you to a bouillon cube of your most primal instincts” (Vulture), yet these stories are suffused with Chung’s inimitable wry humor and surprisingly tender moments, too—often between unexpected subjects.

Chung’s writing is “haunting, funny, gross, terrifying—and yet when we reach the end, we just want more” (Alexander Chee). If you haven’t yet experienced the fruits of this singular imagination, Your Utopia is waiting.

Source: Honford Star website


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