Highlights from the Korea collection of Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde

From the publisher’s website: Highlights from the Korea collection of Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde by Elmer Veldkamp is the first contemporary study that describes the history of and artifacts in the extensive Korea collection of the museum. Navigating its way through the oldest collection of Korean cultural artifacts in Europe, this book contains a selection of 137 […]

Contemporary Korean Art: Tansaekhwa and the Urgency of Method

From the publisher’s website: Starting in the mid-1960s, a group of Korean artists began to push paint, soak canvas, drag pencils, rip paper, and otherwise manipulate the materials of painting in ways that prompted critics to describe their actions as “methods” rather than artworks. A crucial artistic movement of twentieth-century Korea, Tansaekhwa (monochromatic painting) also […]

Korean Art in the Freer and Sackler Galleries

From the publisher’s website: With more than 200 color and archival images, this guidebook presents the full scope of the museums’ Korean art collections. It first traces the formation of the Freer Gallery’s collection of 540 Korean objects, reversing the usual chronological order by following the collecting path of museum founder Charles Lang Freer. The […]

Exploring the National Museum of Korea

From the publisher’s website: Exploring the National Museum of Korea is a personal museum guide with vivid pictures and enchanting stories.  The National Museum of Korea is the sixth largest museum in the world. This carefully curated book introduces two hundred and fifty of the most important relics and artifacts representing Korea. Each artifact is presented with rich […]

Korean art treasures from the Ho-Am Museum

From the publisher’s website: Korean art treasures from the Ho-Am Museum, subtitled A unique collection of traditional cultural properties in Korea, by Cha Ik-jong and Min Byung-rae, celebrates this major holding in Korea. Ho-Am Art Museum is Korea’s largest private museum with more than 15,000 precious objects, including irreplaceable national treasures. The museum building, inspired […]

Korean True-View Landscape: Paintings by Chong Son (1676-1759)

From the publisher’s website: Korean True-View Landscape: Paintings by Chong Son (1676-1759), a ground-breaking, revised and updated English-language edition of Kyomjae Chong Son chingyong sansu (The Art of Kyomjae Chong Son) by Ch’oe Wan-su, provides an unprecedented insight into the distinctive art and literati culture of Korea in the early eighteenth century. Published in two editions hardcover [9781872843711 […]

The Art of Korea: Highlights from the Collection of San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum

From the publisher’s website: This stunning art book explores the rich visual history of Korean peninsula with dozens of Korean paintings, sculptures, figurines, porcelain, and textiles. Korea is home to one of the longest and most vibrant art traditions in the world—yet it is one of the least known in the United States. San Francisco’s […]

Modern Korean Ink Painting

Publisher description: Modern Korean Ink Painting promotes a general understanding of how Korean art and the times it represented were related. The book starts with the dawn of the modern age in Korean art (1876-1910), which looks at the legacy of court painting and the last of the literati painters. Next the book moves on […]

Symbolism in Korean Ink Brush Painting

From the publisher’s website: With more than 200 colour plates, and for the first time available as a study in English, this volume explores the vast heritage of Korean ink brush painting, providing a rich panorama of information that stretches across the entire spectrum of Korean art – including painting, pottery, calligraphy and literature, which […]

20th Century Korean Art

Publisher description: In recent years the increase in interest in Asian art has led to a number of books being published about Japanese and Chinese artists. However, the exciting Korean scene is still largely undocumented. Now Kim Youngna reveals Korean modern and contemporary artists to the West. Twentieth-Century Korean Art provides a comprehensive, engaging survey […]

Korean Art from the Gompertz and Other Collections in the Fitzwilliam Museum: A Complete Catalogue

From the publisher’s website: The collection of Korean art in the Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the finest outside the Far East, containing rich holdings of early unglazed ceramics, celadon stonewares of the Koryo dynasty, punch’ong wares and porcelains of the Choson dynasty as well as items in glass, jade, bronze, brass, lacquer and wood. […]

Korean Landscape Painting: Continuity and Innovation Through the Ages

From the publisher’s website: Korean Landscape Painting: Continuity and Innovation Through the Ages discusses the art form beginning at its earliest roots two millennia ago, in the Three Kingdoms period, right up until the 20th century. Accompanied by many maps, pictures and a glossary of names and terms, this book provides a complete overview of […]

The Beauty of Old Korean Paintings: A History and an Appreciation

Publisher description: The Beauty of Old Korean Paintings originally was written in Korean under the subtitle A History and An Appreciation of Traditional Korean Paintings. As stated above the book began as an illustrated lecture by Lee Dongju 이동주 «李東洲», a self-trained art historian. The book evokes this passionate connoisseur’s acute, entertaining and at times uncomfortably frank […]

Art Under Control in North Korea

Publisher description: Nuclear bombs and geopolitical controversy are often the first things associated with the isolated Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea and its volatile leader Kim Jong-il. Yet behind the secretive curtain also lies a little known and slowly expanding world of art. This is the first book to be published in the West which […]

Painters as Envoys: Korean Inspiration in Eighteenth-Century Japanese Nanga

Description from Google books: It is well known that Japanese literati painting of the eighteenth century was inspired by Chinese styles that found their way to Japan through trade relations. However, because Japanese and American art historians have focused on Japanese-Chinese ties, the fact that Japan also maintained important diplomatic–and aesthetic–relations with Korea during the […]

Korea: Art and Archaeology

This illustrated book, the first authoritative general introduction to the distinctive culture of this country to be published in English, traces its development chronologically from the Neolithic period (c. 6000 BC) right up to the present day. Korea, published in association with the opening of a major new permanent Korean Gallery in the British Museum, […]