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The Bird that Drinks Tears [forthcoming]

The Bird that Drinks Tears is a profoundly philosophical fantasy full of both tragically diabolical symmetries and laugh-out-loud hilarious moments. Four races with vastly different values, customs, and even lifespans come together to save their world, in which beings build their lives around honoring one goal, one promise, or one value above all else. Through … [Read More]

The Midnight Timetable [forthcoming]

A novel-in-stories narrated by a night shift worker at a mysterious research center, where unsettling encounters ensue with the cursed objects studied there — the manifestations of their owners’ dread, guilt, and past mistakes that become living nightmares. Mazel tov, again, @AntonHur! More Bora Chung! (Also @thesafae ) — Lawrence Schimel (@lawrenceschimel) March … [Read More]

Blowfish [forthcoming]

For readers of Han Kang and Sheila Heti, an atmospheric, melancholic novel about a successful sculptor who decides to commit suicide by artfully preparing and deliberately eating a lethal dish of blowfish. Blowfish is a postmodern novel in four parts, alternating between the respective stories of a female sculptor and a male architect. Death is … [Read More]

One Thousand Blues [forthcoming]

“One Thousand Blues won a prestigious science-fiction prize in Korea [4th Korea Sci-fi Literature Award] and became an instant bestseller. A hymn to the earth, a plea to slow down, to pay attention to our earth, it is set in the near future, and tells how a young woman befriends a faulty robot and together set … [Read More]

Runaway [forthcoming]

The novel follows the narrative of Jae-young, a young woman fleeing an abusive relationship. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she crosses paths with a young single mother cradling her child on an early morning train. She was on her way to her wealthy in-laws, who opposed her marriage. Despite initial wariness, an unexpected … [Read More]

We Do Not Part [forthcoming]

In her biggest book since The Vegetarian, the new novel from Han Kang tells the story of a friendship, taking us on a journey from South Korea into its painful history. One morning in December, Kyungha receives a message from her friend Inseon saying she has been hospitalized in Seoul and asking that Kyungha join her urgently. … [Read More]

The Rainfall Market [forthcoming]

A rumour surrounds an old house. Send a letter and if it’s chosen a mysterious ticket will be delivered to you. No one is more surprised than Serin when she receives a ticket inviting her to a market that opens once a year when it rains. Here she’s offered to swap her life for another. … [Read More]

To the Kennels, and other stories [forthcoming]

An acclaimed story collection from the author of the Shirley Jackson Award–winning novel The Hole Six elephants bolt from an amusement park and vanish; where they’re found brings back memories of a forgotten dictator. A car ride on a foggy highway at night becomes a drive through hell for a young couple getting away for the … [Read More]

Blood of the Old Kings [forthcoming]

Powered by corpses of sorcerers, the Empire has conquered the world. It claims to have brought peace and stability to its conquered lands, but some see that peace for what it is—a lie—and will give everything to fight it. Loran was desperate for revenge after the Empire killed her family, so much so that she … [Read More]

Marigold Mind Laundry [forthcoming]

The comforting magical tale of a mysterious laundry that blooms into existence one night, and how its enigmatic owner summons her powers to heal souls and make dreams come true. We’re a mind laundry. What we wash and iron are the stains on your heart, the creases within you. If there’s anything upsetting you, we … [Read More]

The Proposal [forthcoming]

In The Proposal, a space opera romance set against the backdrop of a looming colossal war between Earth and a mysterious adversary, a story of love unfolds through a series of intimate letters. This poignant novella explores how a space-born soldier’s gradual involvement with an escalating conflict intertwines with a heartfelt proposal to his Earth-born partner, … [Read More]

Song of Arirang: The Story of a Korean Rebel Revolutionary in China [forthcoming]

Song of Arirang tells the true story of Korean revolutionary Kim San (Jang Jirak), who left colonized Korea as a teenager to fight against Japanese imperialism and fought alongside Mao’s Red Army during the Chinese Revolution. First published in 1941, this remarkably intimate memoir (as told to the American journalist Nym Wales aka Helen Foster … [Read More]

The Healing Season of Pottery [forthcoming]

A heart warming and irresistible novel about the rejuvenating power of pottery, for fans of Before The Coffee Gets Cold and What You Are Looking For Is In The Library. Jungmin is down on her luck. She’s worked tirelessly as a screenwriter her whole life, and has finally burnt out. But after months of isolation, she realises it’s … [Read More]

Yeonnam-Dong’s Smiley Laundromat [forthcoming]

Situated in a rapidly gentrifying district of Seoul, Yeonnam-Dong’s Smiley Laundromat is a place where the extraordinary stories of ordinary residents unfold. Furnished with a coffee machine, a full bookshelf, and warm lighting, it is a haven from the world for many locals. And when a notebook is left behind there, it becomes a place … [Read More]

Romancing on Jeju [forthcoming]

This atmospheric novel about friendship and self-discovery from Korean author Hyun-joo Park buzzes with romance, mystery, and just a hint of danger. Romi is an illustrator and hopeless romantic. When she can’t stop obsessing over a brief encounter with a handsome stranger, there’s just one thing to do: hop on a plane and find him. … [Read More]

The Black Orb [forthcoming]

A piercingly dark, surreal satire on mass panic, disaster response and modern masculinity One evening in downtown Seoul, Jeong-su is smoking a cigarette outside when he sees something impossible: a huge black orb appears out of nowhere and sucks his neighbour inside. The orb soon begins consuming other people and no one knows how to … [Read More]