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Modern Korean Short Stories

Contains the following stories Ch’oe In-hun: Laughter (1966) tr Lee Sang-ok Hahn Moo-Sook: The Angel tr Chung Chong-wha Hwang Sok-yong: The Road to Sampo (1973) tr Kim Uchang Hyeon Jin-geon: The Fire tr Kathryn Kisray Kang Shin-jae: The Young Zelkova Tree (1960) tr Shin Hyun-song Kim Dong-in: Red Mountain: A Doctor’s Memoir / The Red … [Read More]

The Stars and other Korean short stories

Bruce Fulton describes this collection as a “good sampling of a consummate short story writer; includes an excellent introduction.” in his article on The Korean War and Beyond, in Modern Korean Fiction in Contains the following stories: A Matter of Custom A Numerical Enigma An Old Man’s Birthday Coarse Sand Conch Shells The Calf … [Read More]

Modern Far Eastern Stories

Publisher description: This anthology of carefully-selected modern stories offers the reader a glimpse into Far Eastern literature that has hitherto been largely unexplored. These stories by contemporary writers, which have been translated by specialists who mostly are or were faculty members of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, reveal the social … [Read More]

Korean Short Stories

Contains the following stories: Bare Hills (Kim Dong-in) Adada, the Idiot (Kye Yong-Muk) At the Time When the Buckwheat Blooms (Yi Hyo-Seok) The Third Human Type (An Su-gil) The Echo (O Yong-Su) Silent Parallel (Choi Bum-So) Illusion (Park Kyung-ni) Picture of a Sorceress (Kim Dong-ni) [Read More]

Flowers of Fire: Twentieth-century Korean Stories

Not to be confused with Hawon Jung’s 2023 title Flowers of Fire: The Inside Story of South Korea’s Feminist Movement and What It Means for Women’ s Rights Worldwide – for which see this entry Contains the following stories: Hyeon Jin-geon: The Fire Kim Dong-in: Potatoes / Sweet Potato Yi Hyo-seok: When the Buckwheat Blooms … [Read More]

In the Depths

The reading public of Korea was amazed when a reclusive housewife Moo-Sook Hahn “whisked away” the first prize in a contest for novel writing sponsored by a literary magazine in the early 1940’s with A Woman with a Lantern. Ever since, novelist Hahn received one literary prize or award after another including the Freedom Literature Award … [Read More]

Collected Short Stories from Korea

According to Charles Montgomery, this is the second compilation of Korean translated fiction. The collection includes the following stories An Su-gil: Annals of a Ranch Choe Cheong-hui: Chomnye Choi Tae-ung: Blood Phlegm Chu Yo-seop: Mama and the Boarder Chun Young-Taik: The Cow Chun Pi-Sook: Home-coming Hahn Moo-Sook: Halo around the Moon Kim Song-Han: Coming Home … [Read More]

Modern Short Stories from Korea

The full text of this collection is now available online on Brother Anthony’s website. Charles Montgomery’s review provides the following information: “Ten of its 20 stories focus on “love and marriage,” and the rest are characterized as “social stories.” Most demonstrate a kind of depth and lack of didacticism that would soon almost vanish from … [Read More]

Tales from Korea

According to Worthpoint, “17 editions [were] published between 1934 and 1963 in English”. WorldCat has the 1934 edition being self-published, with subsequent versions being published by a range of houses. Difficult to obtain nowadays, though Amazon US is currently listing a copy of the 1946 edition with a price reflecting its rarity. Copies are kept … [Read More]

Korean Folk Tales: Imps, Ghosts and Fairies

From James Scarth Gale’s preface: To any one who would like to look somewhat into the inner soul of the Oriental, and see the peculiar spiritual existences among which he lives, the following stories will serve as true interpreters, born as they are of the three great religions of the Far East, Taoism, Buddhism and … [Read More]