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Booklist: Korea-related fiction in languages other than Korean or English

Here’s a partial list of Korea-related fiction in languages other than Korean or English – written by Koreans or about Koreans / Korea

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Winter in Sokcho
Elisa Shua Dusapin tr Aneesa Abbas Higgins
Daunt, 2020

Publisher description: It’s winter in Sokcho, a tourist town on the border between South and North Korea. The cold slows everything down. Bodies are red and raw, the fish turn venomous, beyond the beach guns point out from the North’s watchtowers. A young French Korean woman works as a receptionist in a tired guesthouse. One […] (Link to online store)

Tokyo Ueno Station
Yu Miri tr Morgan Giles
Tilted Axis, 2019

From the publisher’s website: Finalist, the 2020 National Book Awards Winner, TA First Translation Prize Born in Fukushima in 1933, the same year as the Emperor, Kazu’s life is tied by a series of coincidences to Japan’s Imperial family and to one particular spot in Tokyo; the park near Ueno Station – the same place […] (Link to online store)

Bitna: Under the Sky of Seoul
J.M.G. Le Clézio tr Brother Anthony of Taizé
Seoul Selection, 2018

Publisher description: The French writer and Nobel Literature laureate J. M. G. Le Clézio has harbored a keen interest in Korea that not only prompted him to learn and master the Korean language on his own but also inspired his new novel. Bitna: Under the Sky of Seoul is Le Clézio’s portrait of Seoul—its people and its […] (Link to online store)

The Curious Tale of Mandogi’s Ghost
Kim Sok-pom tr Cindi Textor
Columbia University Press, 2010

Publisher description: The Curious Tale of Mandogi’s Ghost incorporates Korean folk tales, ghost stories, and myth into a phenomenal depiction of epic tragedy. Written by a zainichi, a permanent resident of Japan who is not of Japanese ancestry, the novel tells the story of Mandogi, a young priest living on the island of Cheju-do. Mandogi becomes unwittingly […] (Link to online store) LKL Review

Kannani and Document of Flames: Two Japanese Colonial Novels
Yuasa Katsuei tr Mark Driscoll
Duke University Press, 2005

Publisher description: This volume makes available for the first time in English two of the most important novels of Japanese colonialism: Yuasa Katsuei’s Kannani and Document of Flames. Born in Japan in 1910 and raised in Korea, Yuasa was an eyewitness to the ravages of the Japanese occupation. In both of the novels presented here, he is clearly […] (Link to online store) LKL Review

The Clan Records
Kajiyama Toshiyuki tr Yoshiko Dykstra
University of Hawai'i Press, 1995

Publisher’s description: Although little known in the West, Kajiyama Toshiyuki was one of Japan’s most prolific and popular writers. Celebrated for his crisp, fast-paced style and incisive analysis, Kajiyama’s popularity may be attributed to his finely tuned sense of what many Japanese felt but could not articulate: the feeling of irreplaceable loss that lay beneath […] (Link to online store) LKL Review