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Booklist: Hallyu

Partial list of books on hallyu. Sorted by date of publication in English, most recent first.

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Hegemonic Mimicry: Korean Popular Culture of the Twenty-First Century
Kyung Hyun Kim
Duke University Press, 2021

From the publisher’s website: “Hegemonic Mimicry presents a much-needed update on today’s South Korean pop culture—one of the most fascinating epicenters of global cultural flows. Presenting a probing insight into a wide spectrum of media productions, it is bound to be a must-read for those hoping capture symptomatic signs of the new millennium.” — Suk-Young Kim, […] (Link to online store)

Understanding Hallyu: The Korean Wave Through Literature, Webtoon, and Mukbang
Hyesu Park
Routledge, 2020

From the publisher’s website: This book sheds light on aspects of the Korean Wave and Korean media products that are less discussed—Korean literature, webtoon, and mukbang. It explores the making of these Korean popular cultural products and how they work and engage media recipients regardless of their different national, cultural, and geographical backgrounds. Drawing on […] (Link to online store)

Branded Entertainment in Korea
Yoon Hyunsun
Routledge, 2020

From the publisher’s website: Branded Entertainment in Korea examines the varied texts and wider context of branded entertainment and related advertising and marketing communications practices in Korea. The book discusses the origins, development, current state, ethics, and regulations of branded entertainment in Korea, considering the impact and implications for communication users and regulators as well […] (Link to online store)

BTS, Art Revolution
Lee Jiyoung tr Chae Myungji, Lee Shinwoo, Stella Kim, Won Jiye
parrhesia, 2019

Publisher description: Recently, a seven-member boy band from Korea called BTS has captivated the globe, forming the most massive and powerful fandom in history. The BTS phenomenon reaches far beyond the typical achievements of pop stars: as Jiyoung Lee illustrates, the changes that have been shown by BTS and their fandom ARMY are not confined […] (Link to online store)

K-Pop Live: Fans, Idols, and Multimedia Performance
Kim Suk-young
Stanford University Press, 2018

From the publisher’s website: 1990s South Korea saw the transition from a military dictatorship to a civilian government, from a manufacturing economy to a postindustrial hub, and from a cloistered society to a more dynamic transnational juncture. These seismic shifts had a profound impact on the media industry and the rise of K-pop. In K-pop Live, […] (Link to online store)

KPOP: Roots and Blossoming of Korean Popular Music
Kim Chang-nam
Hollym, 2012

Publisher description: K-pop, referring to pop and dance music performed by idol groups mainly targeted at teens, has been expanding in popularity beyond Asia to Europe and South America. It was the 1990s when this school of music first appeared in Korea, but its emergence was not abrupt and its roots are sunk deep into […] (Link to online store)

Korean Pop Music – Riding the Wave
Ed Keith Howard
Global Oriental, 2006

Publisher description: Korean popular music has in the last decade become a significant model for youth culture throughout Asia. Yet, although the Korean music industry is both vibrant and massive, this is the first book-length work devoted to the subject to appear in English. The book offers a comprehensive account, written by thirteen scholars of […] (Link to online store) LKL Review