OK, you CAN get good food in 32nd Street

When I travel abroad, if I have the opportunity I’ll usually try out the quality of the local Korean restaurants. Often, as when I was in Germany in May, the Korean menus are easier to understand than those in the local restaurants, and I’m always on the look-out for opportunities to initiate colleagues into the […]

A meeting with Maangchi in Manhattan

It was LKL’s first transatlantic trip for about two years, and I was keen to see what had changed in Manhattan’s Koreatown. In addition, I was keen to meet up with Maangchi, one of the winners of the first prize in the KTO’s Blog Korea, Visit Korea competition. I had been aware of Maangchi’s work […]

Korean bookshop in New Malden

Thanks to David Gomez for writing in with an answer to a question which lots of people have asked: where to buy Korean books in London. Not books about Korea, not books about how to learn Korean, but books written in Korean. My standard answer is that I haven’t the foggiest idea, but that if […]

Koreans in New Zealand

I had known for a while that New Zealand is a place where Koreans have been travelling – and settling down – for a number of years. At the BFI London Film Festival in 2004 there was a short film entitled Eating Sausage (Zia Mandviwalla, 2004), about Korean immigrants in Auckland; while Bungee Jumping of […]

Cherry blossom festival in Vancouver

On the first day of Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival, Jennifer Barclay reports on a recent visit to the Canadian city’s Koreatown Driving around Vancouver makes you hungry. There’s a Vietnamese restaurant next to an Indian next to a Greek next to a Korean. That’s especially on the big roads like Kingsway that lead away from […]

Toy Stories at the Korea Society

Having looked in on the New York Korean Cultural Center last time I paid a visit to visit my co-workers at Head Office, I though that this time I’d use my lunch break to visit the competition: the Korea Society. I’ve always been a little bit puzzled as to why there should be two competing […]

Where to buy books about Korea in Manhattan

In my expensive quest for more acquisitions for my collection of Korea-related books I am always on the look-out for stores with decent stock. I have in the past been constantly disappointed by the bookshops in Manhattan. The main Korean bookshop in 32nd Street, Koryo Books, caters to Korean speakers rather than English speakers. The […]

Korean Links in Manchester

Beccy Kennedy, PhD candidate in contemporary Asian art at MIRIAD, and LKL’s visual arts correspondent, writes to remind us that London is not the only place in the UK to get your fix of Korean culture. If you don’t already live here and have ever felt like paying a visit to Britain’s birthplace of the […]

2007 New Malden Arts Festival

I’ve just been sent brief details of the New Malden Arts festival which takes place over the next couple of weeks. Korean interest is in the form of mime artist Ko Jae-kyung (right). Also, Francesca Cho will have some works on display. 12 NOV – 17 NOV 2007 Art Exhibitions Venues: Tudor Williams, Café 32, […]

A guide to Los Angeles Koreatown

For a good description of Los Angeles Koreatown, pay LAist a visit. Some good pictures, and also a 5 minute video right at the bottom of the post. See if you can work out how to cook a kimchi chigae from the edited version in the video. One day I’ll persuade someone to do a […]

Tripe, black pudding and a communal sing-song…

…but this is no East-End boozer. Jennifer Barclay reports from Saturday’s Korean Food Festival The softly spoken Mr Kim tells me he thinks Korean food is the most highly developed in the world, while standing over the searing hot barbecue cooking galbi, beef marinated in 17 different ingredients. His white t-shirt somehow manages to remain […]

A listing of Korean food stores

Update 12 December 2018. The current exhibition of Jeonju cuisine at the KCC has a handy “Korean Food Map” of London, listing out restaurants and food stores in the area. It seems pretty comprehensive, so I’ve rewritten this post, which was originally compiled in 2007, using data from that leaflet, at least for London and […]

Dulsori celebrates New Year in New Malden

The lunar new year came to a girls school in New Malden yesterday with more than a few bangs. Samulnori percussion group Dulsori visited Coombe Girls School in Clarence Avenue for a spectacular one hour concert in front of an enthusiastic audience of pupils and visitors — including the mayor of Kingston. The audience didn’t […]