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North Korea: Jihyun Park and Lindsey Miller in conversation

Join us with Jihyun Park and Lindsey Miller who have joined forces for this fascinating evening of both gripping and poignant discussion about their own experiences in North Korea and talking about their books The Hard Road Out: One Womans Escape from North Korea and North Korea: Like Nowhere Else. North Korea is an open-air prison from which … [Read More]

2023 IKSU Korean Studies Summer School

The International Institute of Korean Studies (IKSU) at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) launched Korean Studies Summer School in 2021. The IKSU Korean Studies Summer School is free to attend and open to all. This Summer School is funded by the Korean Studies Promotion Service of the Academy of Korean Studies, Ministry of Education … [Read More]

V+A Hallyu seminar: K-drama and K-pop in focus

Complementing the Hallyu! The Korean Wave exhibition, this symposium brings together speakers from fans and scholars to business insiders to delve into the creativity, challenges and models that shaped the success of K-pop and K-drama today. Programme Friday, 2 June 15.30–16.00 Registration and coffee 16.00–16.10 Welcome and opening remarks by Joanna Norman, V&A Museum. 16.10–17.00 … [Read More]

May Literature Night special: book talk with Cheon Myeong-kwan

Cheon Myeong-kwan, author of Whale, is a Korean novelist, screenwriter and director whose work has been translated into eight languages. Set in a remote Korean village, Whale follows three mythical characters with interlinked lives: Geumbok, who has been chasing an indescribable thrill ever since she first saw a whale crest in the ocean; her mute daughter, Chunhui, who … [Read More]

Books and People: a Korean Cornucopia

Brother Anthony of Taizé has donated to the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, his extensive library of nineteenth and early twentieth-century books by foreigners on Korea and will offer comments on selected books and the personalities behind them. Biography Brother Anthony of Taizé (naturalized Korean name An Sonjae) studied Medieval and Modern languages at Oxford. … [Read More]

Korea – Europe Forum | The Global Transformation of Geopolitics and Geoeconomics: Responses from Korea and Europe

The war in Ukraine, US-China competition, and global supply chain restructuring have presented significant complex crises for European and Asian countries. At a moment of historical change, security is becoming more tightly interconnected across different regions while new types of economic alliances are reshaping individual countries’ national strategies for ensuring high-tech supremacy. This set of … [Read More]

Overcoming Barriers: Korea in Translation

Brother Anthony (who has been publishing translations of Korean poetry and fiction since 1990) will begin by talking about some of the books by which Korea and its region first became known in centuries past, books that were translated from and into a variety of languages. He will then review the ways in which Korean … [Read More]

Workshop: Hand-Stitched Silk Bok Jumeoni, at the V&A

Using traditional Korean silk fabrics and thread, create a hand-stitched lucky pouch, Bok jumeoni, inspired by the ancient Korean tradition of bojagi, Korean wrapping cloths. Traditionally used to carry coins and precious items from a belt, today, fortune pouches are often used to give a gift of money at important festivals like Seollal, Korean New … [Read More]

Saturday morning Korean Cuisine worshops

The popular Korean Cuisine Workshops are back this spring. The KCC has teamed up with Westminster Kingsway College to deliver a series of in person culinary workshops run by the college’s experienced Chef lecturer. Don’t miss this chance to learn how to make a selection of Korean dishes. The half-day workshop will be hosted in … [Read More]

Han Kang: Greek Lessons launch event

Han Kang, author of The Vegetarian, launches a powerful new novel about the saving grace of language and human connection, in conversation with Octavia Bright. Greek Lessons tells the story of two ordinary people brought together at a moment of private anguish – the fading light of a man losing his vision meeting the silence of a … [Read More]

Seoul – London Global Investor Relations Conference

Hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and Foreign Investment Promotion Agency ‘Invest Seoul’, you are invited to Seoul – London Global Investor Relations Conference that gives global finance leaders insight into new finance business and investment opportunities in Seoul, South Korea. We hope that you will participate in this event to meet with Oh … [Read More]

Book launch: The Korean Book of Happiness

From the very first moment she set foot in South Korea, Barbara Zitwer, literary agent to some of the most celebrated, prize-winning Korean authors, fell head-over-heels in love, discovering there a renewed sense of happiness and energy. In this fascinating book, Zitwer shares all that she has learnt about this vibrant country, forged by the … [Read More]

IKSU Annual International Conference 2023

This conference is open to all. Day 1: 3 April 2023 (Monday) 9.30am – 9.50am Registration 9.50am – 10.00am Opening Remarks (Sojin Lim, Director of the IKSU) 10.00am – 11.50am Session 1: Development Assistance to South Korea and Its Implications for Economic Development Chair: Virginie Grzelczyk (Aston University, UK) Speakers (30 minutes x 2 speakers, … [Read More]

Ra Jong-yil Lecture 2023 – Dr Chung Sye-kyun

As U.S. national power, which has created and supported the international order for the past 70 years, has declined relatively, the international order is now entering a transformational phase. The Pax Americana system, or the American-centered uni-polar system, an international order based on liberalism and rules, no longer works. With the current system not working … [Read More]