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Market Root: the K-Creatives market

Welcome to Market Root – K-Creatives in London! Join us at 1 Adelaide Road for a day brimming with creativity and inspiration. Connect with fellow K-Creatives and explore unique handmade products including fashion, accessories, ceramics, and hand-woven textiles, complemented by authentic Korean desserts and drinks. Discover K-cosmetics, lettering posters, vintage jewelry, and even a flea … [Read More]

Korean art exhibition and concert with the Thames Philharmonia

KAET Exhibition – 2024 Korea Art Exhibition An exhibition of fine art, photography, Korean painting, crafts and contemporary art work selected by artists from the Korean Art Association. A vibrant collection that encompasses Korean traditions, culture, life style and landscape. Thames Philharmonia with Soo-Yeon Ham (piano) Join us for an evening of sumptuous classical music … [Read More]

Pulse: Beyond Delight – Seoul-inspired immersive video experience

PULSE: Beyond Delight is a media art exhibition that takes you on an immersive journey into the heart of Seoul, reinterpreting the city’s energy and breath through a sharper, more intellectual lens. Building on the resounding success of Delight, which captivated London audiences for 8 months after its October 2023 opening, PULSE goes beyond, offering … [Read More]

‘Across the Decades’- an exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Academy of Arts

The Korean Cultural Centre UK’s summer exhibition ‘Across the Decades’ will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the National Academy of Arts of the Republic of Korea. The National Academy of Arts (NAA), Republic of Korea is an institution dedicated to celebrating the works and insights of master artists over the past 70 years. As the … [Read More]

Kim Bohie: “Beyond”, at Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art

In her first solo exhibition in Europe, Korean painter Kim Bohie (김보희) presents a new body of work that explores the subtleties of landscape. Kim synthesises various Korean and Western painting traditions to produce her own distinct style. Her paintings are about looking and personal connection to place, engaging with ideas around closeness – spiritual … [Read More]

Sunyoung Hwang: The Listened Landscape, at Frestonian Gallery

Frestonian Gallery are delighted to present our first solo exhibition of works by Sunyoung Hwang. The densely layered yet effervescent oils on canvas that form the core of Hwang’s practice are a kind of abstract diary of mood and thought. The seemingly quickly applied, gestural brushstrokes belie a slow and meticulous process, building up of … [Read More]

Sculpting with Fire: artist talk with Jihyun Kim

The theme of ‘K-Art Now’ this year is ‘Colour and Material’. Please join us for an enchanting artist talk with Jihyun Kim, a Korean ceramic designer based in London, as she unveils the secrets behind her mesmerising aesthetic and explores the allure of color, texture, and mysticism in the realm of ceramics. Jihyun’s artistic series … [Read More]

KCC Exhibition: 26, Your Korean Words

The Korean Cultural Centre UK’s Spring exhibition explores the twenty-six Korean words that were collectively included in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in September 2021. The OED contains more than 500,000 words, but when one considers that there were only a couple of dozen Korean words listed in the OED prior to 2021, twenty-six supplementary … [Read More]

Jaejun Lee: The Blue in Pots

Jaejun Lee is a Korean ceramicist who has been living and working in Cardiff since 2018. His porcelain works are a balance of functionality and beauty: meticulous, exquisite, meditations on form and process. His work is centred around the ideas of functionality and beauty, with the aim of enriching and enhancing the user’s everyday life. … [Read More]

Hidden Gem: Lloyd Choi Gallery at London Craft Week

Lloyd Choi Gallery is delighted to participate in London Craft Week 2024 for the first time at Cromwell Place in South Kensington. The gallery will present Hidden Gem to celebrate the refined craftsmanship in Korean art, presenting six artists committed to employing traditional techniques and materials to create unique contemporary works of art. Often, beauty … [Read More]

Oh Myung-hee in The Future is Female, at the Garrison Chapel

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, The Future is Female exhibition by The Art Link aims to showcase exceptional female sculptors, both established and emerging, while addressing the long standing gender disparity in the art world. The exhibition will feature 18 female sculptors and 40 works of art, offering a diverse and thought-provoking exploration of contemporary female … [Read More]