The KCCUK’s contribution to London Craft Week 2018: Mun•Bang•Sa•U – The Friends of the Scholar Korean Cultural Centre | Grand Buildings | 1-3 Strand | London WC2N 5BW main entrance on Northumberland Avenue 24 April – 26 May Workshop, 12 May 14:00 – 15:00 (Register via As part of the Korea/UK season, the Korean […]


Festival Film Review: Kim Eungsu — The City in the Water

by Philip Gowman 8 November 2015
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Write down on a piece of paper a list of techniques you expect to be used in a documentary about a controversial episode in recent history. Maybe it will include archive footage; expert talking heads giving their views of the historical problem; interviews with people who lived through it, witnessed it or even contributed to […]

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January in the KTO 2013 Calendar

by Philip Gowman 21 January 2013
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Does anyone have the Korean Tourism Organisation’s 2013 Calendar entitled Discovering the Path to Korea? January is particularly fine: Dodamsambong Peaks, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do 도담삼봉 단양군 충청북도 [Map]. Photo by Seung-jin Song. Another place to put on the list to visit. Keywords: Places: Danyang-gun

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