A NYC K-blog meetup

Blogging brings many pleasures and privileges. Meeting fellow bloggers is one of them. Nice dinner with @maangchi in NY K-town. #. And here’s Maangchi’s take on the evening: Dinner with Philip Gowman http://bit.ly/mxb4N #

A meeting with Maangchi in Manhattan

It was LKL’s first transatlantic trip for about two years, and I was keen to see what had changed in Manhattan’s Koreatown. In addition, I was keen to meet up with Maangchi, one of the winners of the first prize in the KTO’s Blog Korea, Visit Korea competition. I had been aware of Maangchi’s work […]

Toy Stories at the Korea Society

Having looked in on the New York Korean Cultural Center last time I paid a visit to visit my co-workers at Head Office, I though that this time I’d use my lunch break to visit the competition: the Korea Society. I’ve always been a little bit puzzled as to why there should be two competing […]

Where to buy books about Korea in Manhattan

In my expensive quest for more acquisitions for my collection of Korea-related books I am always on the look-out for stores with decent stock. I have in the past been constantly disappointed by the bookshops in Manhattan. The main Korean bookshop in 32nd Street, Koryo Books, caters to Korean speakers rather than English speakers. The […]