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    • Korean Links in Manchester

      Beccy Kennedy, PhD candidate in contemporary Asian art at MIRIAD, and LKL’s visual arts correspondent, writes to remind us that London is not the only place in the UK to get your fix of Korean culture. If you don’t already live here and have ever felt like paying a visit to Britain’s birthplace of the … [Read More]

      Grow your own Korean vegetables

      Louise has been browsing the magazines for possible cures – or replacements – for our sickly abies koreana. Browsing the Royal Horticultural Society’s periodical the other day she found an interesting feature on Korean vegetables. A local Korean who grows Korean vegetables in his New Malden allotment was featured. For those who want to grow … [Read More]

      Indian Summer? Try Indian boshintang

      And in the second of today’s frivolous links, here’s a story from Associated Press. An Indian politician has allegedly proposed solving India’s stray dog problem by shipping the creatures to Korea. One cynical wag has suggested that there would be howls of protectionist protest… Links: Indian Politician: Ship Stray Dogs to Korea, Hindustan Times via … [Read More]

      Tripe, black pudding and a communal sing-song…

      …but this is no East-End boozer. Jennifer Barclay reports from Saturday’s Korean Food Festival The softly spoken Mr Kim tells me he thinks Korean food is the most highly developed in the world, while standing over the searing hot barbecue cooking galbi, beef marinated in 17 different ingredients. His white t-shirt somehow manages to remain … [Read More]

      Fountain Pub Korean Food Festival 2007

      Bastille day will give you the opportunity to sample Korean food washed down with British beer. Maybe there will be some soju available as well. Saturday 14 July sees the Korean Food Festival come to the Fountain Pub (left) in New Malden. Details as follows: 12:00~7:00 pm (Opening Ceremony 12:15 pm) at 120 Malden Road … [Read More]

      A listing of Korean food stores

      Update 12 December 2018. The current exhibition of Jeonju cuisine at the KCC has a handy “Korean Food Map” of London, listing out restaurants and food stores in the area. It seems pretty comprehensive, so I’ve rewritten this post, which was originally compiled in 2007, using data from that leaflet, at least for London and … [Read More]

      Get plastered and win a holiday in Cheju-do

      Not any more, though. Reports of a rather fun “drinking culture” competition hit the presses this week. The story even made it into the free newspaper handed out in the London Underground. Battered by criticism from the media and civic groups, Goesan’s county government decided to stop awarding its “Drinking Culture Prize” to its county … [Read More]

      British-owned culture cafe opens in Bucheon

      Thanks to Peter Orange for letting me know about an interesting new venture in Bucheon (부천): Cafe Nicolia, run by British / Korean couple Nicholas and Lia Young. From their website, it looks like a version of Seoul Selection, but obviously with more food and, I’m guessing, fewer books. On my rare visits to Seoul … [Read More]


      To celebrate my impending arrival in Seoul, a controversial topic prompted by a chance conversation with a work colleague in Hong Kong, where four men were recently jailed for slaughtering two dogs for food. The Letter from China blog helpfully provides extracts from the relevant Hong Kong law banning the practice: Dogs and Cats Regulations … [Read More]

      Korean alcohol consumption

      It’s always nice to know that people are occasionally reading the stuff I write. Aidan Foster-Carter was prompted by my post on the Asian craze for fine wine to trawl his compendious archives, and he forwarded me this interesting piece on Korean alcohol consumption. Though out of date, it does confirm that when it comes … [Read More]

      Kaya in top 10 unusual restaurants

      In last Saturday’s Times, in The Knowledge listings supplement (7-13 October), there was a list of top 10 unusual restaurants in London, as ranked by Square Meal. Kaya, 42 Albermarle Street, is in the list. This is something of an oddity among the ranks of sleek, modish Mayfair restaurants, but it’s well worth seeking out … [Read More]

      The Asian fine wine craze

      The FT’s rather silly How to Spend It magazine had a feature this weekend on the growing popularity of fine wine in the far east, particularly the top Bordeaux. The main picture accompanying the article was of a glamorous young woman sipping a glass of red, purportedly in a fashionable Seoul wine bar. The article … [Read More]

      Cooking in the danger zone (2)

      Not much to report on this programme. Nothing sensationalist. The most interesting thing was that the BBC crew was shadowed by a Korean TV crew who were interested in how the Beeb were going to portray the dogmeat industry. And there was a beef farm where although the cattle weren’t free range they seemed fairly … [Read More]

      Cooking in the Danger Zone: South Korea (BBC4)

      Following on the success of zany TV series like Holidays in the Axis of Evil (the DPRK show was rather good, I thought), and mindful of the sadistic pleasure we take in watching minor celebrities eating kangaroo testicles in jungle reality shows, TV execs are now going to treat us to “Cooking in the Danger … [Read More]