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Korean hairdressers in London

When I started this site I never dreamed that I would end up helping to recruit language coaches for government agencies, or advise people on where to go to get their hair straightened. But those are two of this site’s recent successes, thanks to you, dear readers. So thank you to the various visitors to … [Read More]

Requests for advice: hairdressers and bookshops

Two queries received recently from visitors to this site. Bookshops1. Does anyone know a bookshop in central London, New Malden, or anywhere in between, where they sell Korean books? That is, books written in Korean (novels, short stories, whatever) rather than books in English about Korea. Hairdressers. Does anyone know a good Korean hairdresser? Apparently … [Read More]

Korean books at the SOAS bookshop

Keith Howard of SOAS has just brough out a book on Korean popular music, 1920s to the present day. It covers the same period as Kim Chang-nam’s lecture of a few weeks ago, so obviously I’ve got to buy it. I tried to get my local bookshop to order it, but they said they couldn’t … [Read More]