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How not to sanitize your cash

There’s a lovely item in today’s Korea JoongAng Daily about a report by the Bank of Korea (including the above image) on how people have been attempting to disinfect their banknotes to protect themselves from Covid-19. Putting them in the washing machine and then the tumble dryer, or microwaving them, is not recommended. “The central … [Read More]

That Robert Kelly BBC interview…

Gathered together in one place for your entertainment… The original live BBC interview with Robert Kelly in March 2017: A follow-up interview with the whole family: Ellen DeGeneres analyses the footage: And the best spoof I’ve come across: The Guardian has an interview with Robert Kelly here. [Read More]

Korean girls on One Direction

Last week one of the interviewees in Yoon Sungwon‘s video says Zayn Malik is “too buttery” and that he “reminds me of a camel.” A couple of days later it’s announced that he’s leaving One Direction. “I can’t do this anymore,” he told a tabloid newspaper. The same girl says that Harry Styles’s nostrils are … [Read More]

Now, what’s that book by Salman Rushdie called?

North Korea’s rant about Channel 4’s planned TV series has now been translated into English on the KCNA Japanese website. Like most of their rants, it’s entertaining in small doses. I’ve often wondered why they invest in a translator that is only semi-competent. Here’s a select quote from the press release: The British authorities should … [Read More]

Dance videos, tasteless films and hair promotions – different ways to annoy the DPRK authorities

It’s not just the Americans and the Brits who annoy the North Korean establishment with their irreverant lèse-majesté. Now the Chinese are doing it too. So far the video has been left online: And a reminder of the two other things that recently got the DPRK establishment annoyed: an upcoming American comedy film, and a … [Read More]

How can they be so dumb?

I’m just wondering how a TV station can broadcast anything that is so obviously a wind-up. Needless to say, the YouTube videos of the stupid newscast have been removed, with the TV station claiming breach of copyright. The KTVU announcer was careful to pronounce Mr Fuk so that his name rhymed with “Luke”, rather than … [Read More]

What the British Say… and what they mean

This has been doing the rounds on the internet for a while, but deservedly: a very accurate dissection of the differences between what the British say, what they actually mean and what the non-native-English-speaker, or indeed anyone not British, might understand. Although the table suggests it relates to the British, it’s probably most accurate of … [Read More]

The ROK Air Force parodies Les Mis

For those who, like me, find musicals a bit of a chore, here’s a 13-minute parody of one of my least favourites. It almost makes me want to try the real thing all over again. Almost, but not quite. Well done the ROK Air Force’s 22nd Fighter Wing. Les Miserables ROKAF (Republic of Korea Air … [Read More]