New London Korean restaurant is recruiting

If you google “Bibigo London” you’ll find lots of job adverts for the new London branch of the international Bibigo restaurant chain run by CJ Foodville. It opens this summer in Great Marlborough Street with staff training planned for July. The top job is already taken: the London operation will be headed by Korean celebrity […]

Francesca Cho’s Deli eXhibits

A couple of years ago the BBC was speculating that Deptford, a neglected corner of South-East London next to Greenwich, was becoming the new Paris: ancient churches, markets, pavement cafes and the Laban Dance Centre combine to create a cultural zone that’s well worth a visit, while the Deptford Dame and Deptford is… blogs provide […]

Victoria gets Korean

Yesterday I had a spot of luck. I was venturing into central London via my usual train terminus, London Victoria and whilst negotiating my way around the busy junction where Vauxhall bridge road meets Victoria Street when I spotted something rather interesting, a new Korean eatery. I may have a sixth sense when it comes […]