An apology to LKL subscribers

If you are reading this, it is because you are one of my loyal subscribers who get new articles delivered into your email inbox as soon as a post is published. You’re probably waiting for news of a recently-organised event. Instead, you find a post with no useful information in it. As you may know, […]

Introducing the LKL Taxonomy Deep Dive

Usually during the summer months there are some tweaks to LKL’s look. Sometimes it’s a major upgrade – a completely new theme for example. Three summers ago we upgraded from Scott Wallick’s Plaintxt templates to Thesis. Two summers ago we went down from two sidebars to one to simplify the look. Last summer we introduced […]

An interview to forget

LKL has been interviewed three times in the past three weeks. Easiest was Yonhap, an unrecorded newspaper interview where it was easy to chat at the same time as being interviewed, and where you could clarify and explain to ensure that you were understood properly. No time restriction. I don’t know what the write-up was […]

Monocle 24 broadcasts from Team Korea House

Live from Team Korea House, London, Monocle 24 hears from the CEO of the Korea Tourism Association, enjoys K-pop, and is joined by acupuncture expert Sena Lee. All to celebrate the Olympics. The K-pop interview is at 18’00” Sena is at 23’35” Philip is at 52’00”

LKL interviewed by Yonhap

I had an interview with a Yonhap journalist on a hot sweaty Tuesday evening this week at the KCC. Here’s the write-up. It generated a fair bit of traffic, which is how I knew it had been published. Hope I didn’t say anything stupid.

Six years old today

LKL is officially 6 years old today. I wasn’t quite sure what LKL would be when it started, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be taking up as much of my time as it does now – probably around 2-3 hours a day on average. I intended it to be partly a personal diary […]

The annual LKL site overhaul

August is usually the month when I tweak LKL’s look and feel with a new theme or new functionality. This year, I’m a month late – the delay being caused mainly by the complexity of unpicking the coding behind the Thesis theme which I use. My task this year was to re-jig the way I […]

On becoming a goodwill ambassador

Sancheong-gun, Wednesday 4 May 2011. If I sometimes go on about the unique attractions of Sancheong County, at the foot of Jirisan in Gyeongsangnam-do, my sentiments are genuinely meant. The history, scenery, culture and special geomantic energy of the place all deserve frequent mention. But there’s an additional reason why I might mention Sancheong. For […]

Korean Art PhD: ‘Picturing Migration: Presenting Art Works By Artists From South Korea Working In Britain, 2006-2008’

LKL contributor Dr Beccy Kennedy gives a flavour of what she has been working on for the past couple of years. ‘…memory organizes representations of the past into a structured sequence that produces a consciousness of an identity through time.’1 The visual and spoken cultural and social perspectives of South Korean artists living and working […]

LKL welcomes new contributors

At LKL, we’re not a closed shop. We’re always looking for new people with different angles on things Korean who might want to join the merry band of contributors. You don’t have to contribute regularly or frequently. You don’t have to be based in London. What’s most important is that you have a passion about […]

LKL featured in Weekly Donga

LKL was featured in a one-page interview in the Donga Weekly dated 1 December 2009. I had a quick email interview with a reporter based in Glasgow about my views on Korean film, Korean food, and the promotion of Korean culture abroad, plus the normal questions about how I got mixed up with Korean stuff […]

Recent highlights on LKL

I hope you don’t mind a bit of trumpet-blowing to thank some new contributors to London Korean Links. Some of them may be one-off, others more long-lasting; all are welcome. Elizabeth Grace covered Stephen Epstein’s recent talk in Cambridge, while Darren Southcott visits Jeju Stone Park and Colette Balmain compares Bong Joon-ho’s murder mysteries. Other […]