Another tweak

So soon after the release of v4, here’s 4.1. My brain has been unable to stop fretting over getting better navigability on this site, including encouraging people to read more than the one article they land on when they google-search for a pic of Super Junior. First came the related post list a few days […]

Welcome to LKL v4

It may not look like a big change, but it’s been exercising my mind for a few weeks. The underlying change is an upgrade of my blog templates to take advantage of all the latest functionality of WP2.6. LKL’s look and feel is based on Scott Wallick’s plaintxt templates. Scott faithfully upgrades his templates to […]

The Euro Journal LKL interview

Jeon Sung-min recently interviewed LKL’s blogger-in-chief for an article in the Euro Journal. The interview was conducted in English, and he translated it into Korean for publication in the newspaper. Here’s a slightly polished-up transcript of the interview, published with Jeon Sung-min’s kind permission. Euro Journal: How and when did you get interested in Korea […]

LKL featured in Euro Journal (유로저널)

I recently had a heavy soju and singing session with Jeon Sung-min (below right), who as well has being one half of a well-known kayageum / guitar duo and nephew of the founder of 해바라기 (Sunflower) is also a feature writer at the Euro Journal (유로저널), a Korean language weekly newspaper distributed in Koreatowns in […]

LKL seeks Cambridge correspondent

This Saturday (May 31) I’m faced with the choice between (a) a jaunt to Cambridge for a fascinating half-day conference on how history is portrayed in current Asian media; and (b) a second-rate monster movie in London. Guess where my priorities lie. So if anyone wants to volunteer to go along to the conference and […]

I think we’re just about done

So I think I’ve now stabilised things at my new webhost. I can now start thinking about all the improvements I’ve been meaning to try, including: Improving the navigation with drop-down menus to make browsing easier. Maybe people might stay and have a look round once they’ve found their picture of Super Junior. Finding the […]

The LKL move, or, how I moved webhosts, changed my URI, cleaned up my database and upgraded my WordPress installation in ten not very easy steps

… and why I haven’t been posting much content over the past few weeks. It may seem strange to offer a “how-to-move-your-website” article when my own upgrade was less than seamless. Part of my trouble was that I was trying to do several things at once. Move webhost from a shared host to my own […]

LKL has (crash) landed

If you can read this post on my website, it’s because, magically, I’ve managed to land LKL at the right airport. I might even have landed on the right runway. But I know in advance that I’ll have skidded off the end of the runway, or might have damaged the gantry on the terminal building. […]

LKL is on the move (again)

You may have noticed a significant drop-off in content over the past few weeks, and particularly over the Easter weekend. That’s because I’ve finally been turning my mind to moving the site to a new webhost. I know I’m going to encounter all sorts of problems, and I’ve been doing dummy runs of the move […]

The London Korean Links Facebook Group

Hi all I’ve recently set up an LKL Facebook group. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it, but obviously it’s a place where you can meet other people who are LKL readers. One thing I will be using it for, though, is to send out emails with notifications of Korea-related events […]


As one or two readers will know, in my work like I started, like Daeguowl and Jenny, as an accountant. So here is an entirely non-IFRS-compliant statement of LKL’s activities for 2007. 1 Revenues As many readers may appreciate, the object of this website is not to make money. And because I prefer to have […]

New Year’s resolutions

1 I will free myself from the daily post Having managed to maintain one post per day for the past 15 months or so, even when on holiday, I’ve now proved to myself I can do it. To be honest, it’s never been much of a struggle to find something to write about, and it’s […]

Dokkaebi ate my post

I’m not sure what happened to today’s post. I definitely wrote it last night, and scheduled it for publication this lunchtime, but somehow it’s vanished into the ether. It’s nowhere to be found in the database; google desktop hasn’t cached it; and altogether it’s as if yesterday’s labours were in vain. I’ll just have to […]

The great category explosion and other statistics

Expanding our navigability Number of article categories at the end of July: 91; Number of article categories at the end of August: 212 I’ve increased the number of categories to make it easier to find all my posts about particular individuals without using the sometimes unreliable search function. There’s about 30 celebs, 20 film directors, […]