Welcome to LKL V3

I’ve finally taken the plunge and moved over to a two-sidebar theme – the way Scott Wallick, its designer, intended it to be used. A number of drivers behind the move: A typically male thing of always wanting the latest version of everything – and Scott has based all the coding for this theme on […]

Here we go again

Bear with me while I upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. Hopefully this won’t take too long… Update 1: OK, So far so good apart from the fact that I need to upgrade the Flickr plugin… Update 2: Done, so I can now make posts. Please report any other bugs.

Welcome to another new contributor

I’m very grateful to Jennifer Barclay for joining the ranks of distinguished LKL guest contributors. In what I hope will be the first of many contributions, she’s done a tremendous job of turning around a 1,000+ word article in a couple of hours to bring you a lively account of yesterday’s festival in Trafalgar Square. […]

New ! Korean NewsWire service

For a while now I’ve been really frustrated at the time it takes for Korean websites to load. When browsing the news sites while eating a lunchtime sandwich at my desk I’ve got better things to do than wait for those infuriating animated adverts for scary gas-powered kimchi-fridges to load before I can read the […]

LKL’s first birthday

Well, I’ve been going for slightly longer than a year, but 9 April 2006 was when I first tentatively launched the site on its current WordPress platform. The original idea came to me in early February, and I started writing the permanent pages on 16 February. After a brief trial in my personal webspace which […]

Korean language meet-ups

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a new type of event at the bottom of my “April Events” post. It’s a Korean language meet-up. It seems there’s a group of like-minded people — some native Korean speakers and some learners — who meet up once a month in the West End somewhere, and, (I’m […]

Dinner with the ambassadors

For those who need a warm-up before the event this evening, I’m going to aim to be at El Vino’s for a quick snifter from about 6:15pm if I can escape from work. El Vino’s is on the Barbican highwalks just west of the Wood Street / London Wall interchange, about 30 seconds walk from Young […]

Welcome to two new contributors

Firstly, my apologies to Peter Corbishley for not welcoming him earlier. Peter kindly did the write-up of the Korea Business Reception while I was on my travels, and I hope he will contribute again in the future: he’s a loyal follower of the various Korean cultural events in London. And welcome to Anna Lindgren from […]

Next week’s football

Next week’s friendly between Korea and Greece will be my first ever football match, would you believe. I know many of the Korean supporters will be behind the goal at the Putney end, but I’d rather get a better overview of the game and sit as near the half way mark as I can, and […]

Welcome to readers from the Korea Times

I should have realised something strange was going on when I noticed an uptick in the number of constructive comments being left on this site in the last day or so. Then yesterday came my first comment in Korean1. I thus learned that I had been mentioned in the Korea Times. I assumed it was […]

Welcome to a new contributor

I’d like to welcome a new contributor to this site. Beccy Kennedy first visited this site a few weeks ago asking to be put in touch with Korean artists in the UK and with Korean societies in Manchester. Once again daeguowl came up with the answers. But it didn’t take me long to spot that […]

Fame at last?

Thanks to UK fan for letting me know that a (thankfully) heavily-edited version of my recent interview aired today on YTN as part of a bigger piece on the hallyu in the UK. The Times’s recent Korean supplement was featured, as were Korean footballers in the premier league. They also interviewed Mr Choi who will […]

My chance of media fame. Blown

At around 4:40pm on Monday afternoon I get a phone call on my mobile. It’s from the Chosun 24 hour TV channel. They had my card from the Typhoon screening a couple of weeks back, when they were interviewing anyone they could find. They wanted to do another interview. A ten minute one. But I […]