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LKL at 10 years: what has changed?

London Korean Links went online 10 years ago, on 1 March 2006. What has changed over that time, and how might things change over the next 10 years? For a start, there’s more of everything. More people following Korean culture in London, more events to follow. When London Korean Links started, it was a reasonable … [Read More]

Looking back at 2015: Domestic news

Our final look back at 2015: mainly domestic news stories from South Korea. In the news After 62 years of adultery being a criminal offence in the ROK, the constitutional court decided to decriminalise it by a vote of 7 to 2.  Four out of ten married Korean males heaved a sigh of relief  and shares … [Read More]

The Good Friday transatlantic K-blog meetup

9 o’clock in the morning on the Good Friday bank holiday at a Hammersmith coffee shop might not seem the likeliest place for a K-blog meetup. But Roy Ghim, from the Tavern of the Taekguk Warriors, a US-based Korean football site, had just arrived at Heathrow and was on his way into town. And as … [Read More]

2012 Travel Diary 3: Bugaksan to Daehakro

Seoul, Saturday 24 March 2012. There’s time to kill before our evening appointment in Daehakro, so we go for a stroll in Samcheong-dong, along with most of the rest of Seoul. It’s 5pm on a pleasant Saturday afternoon, and young couples amble with an charming lack of purpose, getting in your way if you want to … [Read More]

Modern Korean Cinema features gangsters for a week

Check out Jopok Week on Modern Korean Cinema for reviews of Im Kwon-taek’s classic General’s Son 1 2 and 3, Kim Sung-su’s Beat, Song Neung-han’s No 3, Jang Hyeon-su’s Born to Kill, guest essays by Darcy Paquet and Connor McMorran on gangster comedy, by Rowena Santos Aquino on Masculinity and Beauty, plus box office reports … [Read More]

Who’s Who Two

You take your eye off the ball for a couple of months, and everything changes. A while ago, I wrote an article for The East newspaper entitled Who’s Who in the Korean Blogosphere highlighting, in the limited space available, some of the top K-blogs out there. It generated a certain amount of comment, the gist … [Read More]