Obama lauds South Korean education

Most people who have had contact with South Korean culture, especially in a teaching context, know that Koreans take education seriously. I asked a Korean friend for chapter and verse on this, and she told me the following. Elementary schools start at 8:30 and finish between 12:30 (first grade) and 2:30 (sixth grade). Pupils usually […]

Dulwich College to open an outpost in Seoul

Dulwich College is opening an outpost in Seoul, and is already accepting applications. # The opening of the college is a significant milestone for expatriates in the city as it represents the first kindergarten to 12th grade school offering a British education. The existing British School has no high school facility. Source: Korea Times

History of scapegoating English teachers

English language teachers are never out of the press for long. Most recently there’s the Canadian paedophile who was teaching in Korea, and then a fairly familiar story about teachers being busted for smoking cannabis. The thing that struck me most about the cannabis story is the price. I knew that English teaching in Korea […]

Brits need not apply

Or Aussies or Kiwis for that matter. A full-page ad in the current issue of Seoul Magazine seeks to satisfy Korea’s seemingly insatiable appetite for English language teachers. The ad starts: Thousands of College Graduates are going to South Korea to teach English to pay off their student loans and to gain international experience. The […]

Fakes and curruption in art and academia

There has been a number of stories of fakes recently. Here’s a brief round-up of links 1 Shin Jeong-ah. Dongguk University Fires Bogus Professor, Korea Times, 20 July Stroke of luck, raw talent fueled Shin’s ascent, JoongAng Daily, 14 July. Some selected extracts: Shin Jeong-ah was 23 when the 1995 collapse of the Sampoong Department […]

Teaching English in Korea

I’m going to tread, very gingerly, into the minefield of discussing matters relating to English language teaching in Korea. A dangerous topic for an outsider to get involved in, firstly because the majority of English-language bloggers on Korea seem to be ESL teachers, and secondly because there are some hot issues. I’m not sure that […]