Hallyu and nationalism stories

A brief round-up of recent hallyu and nationalism stories. Rain’s producer, Park Jin-young, says the word “Korean” should be removed from “Korean Wave”. “I don’t understand why the Korean wave is taken as the rah-rah material,” Mr. Park said. “Now is the time to overcome nationalism, but instead we are intensifying that sentiment.” Park has […]

Advice to Americans from their embassy: steer clear of massed Koreans

It’s Independence Day. So I’ll start with some advice emailed last Friday by the American Embassy to their citzens in Korea, and then consolidate a few related links on anti-americanism. August 15 is Korean Liberation or Independence Day, and civil gatherings and demonstrations are expected throughout South Korea. A large demonstration is scheduled to start […]

Korean nationalism

The web is a great space for debate, and sometimes it grows out of nowhere. There’s a lively discussion on Korean Christianity and nationalism going on at Koreanfilm.org right now, prompted by a seemingly innocuous interview with Park Chan-wook in the NY Times. What I like about Darcy’s site is although tempers can get heated […]