The Indieful ROK MySpace Directory

Anna over at Indieful ROK has done us all a great service. Ever wanted to explore new Korean indie music? Never figured out how lastFM works? MySpace is a good place to sample new music for free. The problem is, where are all the cool Korean musicians? In the course of her blogging on Korean […]

A NYC K-blog meetup

Blogging brings many pleasures and privileges. Meeting fellow bloggers is one of them. Nice dinner with @maangchi in NY K-town. #. And here’s Maangchi’s take on the evening: Dinner with Philip Gowman #

A meeting with Maangchi in Manhattan

It was LKL’s first transatlantic trip for about two years, and I was keen to see what had changed in Manhattan’s Koreatown. In addition, I was keen to meet up with Maangchi, one of the winners of the first prize in the KTO’s Blog Korea, Visit Korea competition. I had been aware of Maangchi’s work […]

LKL annoys the Seoul Podcast

Seems I upset someone on the Seoul podcast for not plugging their Twitter account in my post on the use of Twitter in the K-blogosphere. 90:40 in. # Nice to be noticed, even though they don’t seem to understand what LKL, or the post, is about.

Twitter explodes into the Klogosphere

From nowhere, Twitter has come to be an established part of anyone’s presence on the web. First people used static websites, then it was blogs. In parallel, discussion forums and bulletin boards sprung up. Social networking sites followed, and finally came Twitter, the microblogging platform. All represent different ways to reach and interact with different […]

The ambassador’s blog

In honour of the Four Ambassadors evening next week, I’ve recently introduced a section into the sidebar called The Ambassador’s Blog. In this section you can find the recent headlines from the blog maintained by the UK’s ambassador to Seoul, Martin Uden (right). Well worth a visit. He recently hosted his colleague north of the […]

Why is the British media so “negative”?

A recent article in the Chosun Ilbo, Why is the British Media Most Critical of Korean Markets? (3 March) asked why  British news organisations are so negative: Following the global financial crisis last year, most of the foreign media reports that shook the Korean economy were from British news organizations. Seven out of 10 foreign […]

Francesca Cho in Vogue

February’s edition of Vogue Korea has a 6-page feature on the studio space occupied by Korean artists around the world. Francesca Cho is the artist featured for London. Cho, who stepped down from leading the UK Korean Artists Association at the start of this year, is based at Palace Wharf studios in Fulham. She’s been […]

Who’s Who Two

You take your eye off the ball for a couple of months, and everything changes. A while ago, I wrote an article for The East newspaper entitled Who’s Who in the Korean Blogosphere highlighting, in the limited space available, some of the top K-blogs out there. It generated a certain amount of comment, the gist […]

The Euro Journal LKL interview

Jeon Sung-min recently interviewed LKL’s blogger-in-chief for an article in the Euro Journal. The interview was conducted in English, and he translated it into Korean for publication in the newspaper. Here’s a slightly polished-up transcript of the interview, published with Jeon Sung-min’s kind permission. Euro Journal: How and when did you get interested in Korea […]

Farewell, Anna Fifield

As the world’s attention was focused on Beijing yesterday evening for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, in a small hanok in Bukcheon another celebration was taking place. Anna Fifield, the FT’s Seoul bureau chief, was having a farewell party to mark the end of her four years in the Land of Morning Calm. I’m […]

Who’s who in the Korean blogosphere

LKL is now providing articles for The East, the monthly English-language East Asian business & culture newspaper published in London. LKL’s remit for The East is, for the moment, pretty much undefined, which means I can write whatever I like. And Editor Lee can reject it if he doesn’t like it. It’s an interesting discipline […]