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    • Choigate, censorship and the arts

      At any other time the presence of a demonstrator outside the KCC – and outside the opening screening of the London Korean Film Festival – protesting about artistic censorship that is said to have taken place during the current KCC director’s stint at the National Gugak Centre would have been prominent news. But choreographer Jung … [Read More]

      Event news: Remembering Dictators – The Politics of Bronze Statues in South Korea and Taiwan

      Thanks to Colin Bartlett for forwarding me details of a seminar at SOAS’s main building this evening, hosted by their Centre of Taiwan Studies: Remembering Dictators: The Politics of Bronze Statues in South Korea and Taiwan Speaker: Prof Huang Chang-Ling Date: 22 June 2016, 5:00 – 7:00 pm Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT … [Read More]

      Looking back at 2014: Domestic news

      Our final look back at 2014: mainly domestic news stories from South Korea: The Sewol and safety culture The MV Sewol capsized on 16 April, causing the death of 304 passengers. A number of factors contributed to the disaster, including lax safety inspections, unsafe modifications, unsecured cargo, overloading, and an inexperienced crew hired on temporary … [Read More]

      Hong Seong-dam’s art in the news again

      In 2012 his unflattering painting of President-elect Park got the ruling party annoyed; now Hong Seong-nam is in the news again for lampooning Park’s response to the Sewol disaster in an exhibition linked to the Gwangju Biennale. It’s difficult to know precisely what has been going on in Gwangju from the snippets that make it … [Read More]

      No-one’s in the mood for celebrating

      In a brief article two days ago, Variety noted the impact of the Sewol ferry disaster on the Korean box office, on TV schedules, and on pop concerts. No one is in the mood for enjoying themselves right now. Not that such an injunction is needed, but I hear that government officials and diplomatic staff … [Read More]

      Looking back at 2013: Domestic news

      Our final look back at 2013, including a random collection of news stories, mainly domestic, that caught our attention. In the news Asiana Airlines flight 214 from Incheon crashed on landing at San Francisco airport on 6 July. The Boeing 777 had approached the runway too low and too slow. An American local TV station … [Read More]

      Looking back at 2012: Domestic news

      In our final round-up of Korea-related stories which caught our eye in 2012, we look at domestic and business news. Modern Life and how to escape it. Korea came 24th out of 34 leading countries in an OECD quality of life index, coming bottom of the class in job security and gender income inequality and … [Read More]

      The presidential election: a fascinating race (part 2)

      The fascinating race continues! The latest news from the South Korean presidential election campaign is the potential alliance between the liberal Democratic United Party candidate, Moon Jae-in, and independent candidate Ahn Cheol-soo. This joining of forces would pose a serious threat to conservative candidate Park Geun-hye, who has led in the polls for some time. … [Read More]

      LSE Korea Economic and Political Forum 2012

      An all-day event coming up on 24 November at LSE. Registration is required via the LSE Students Union Korean Society website. Korea Economic and Political Forum 2012 Continuing from the last year’s success, on 24th November 2012, LSESU Korean Society is proud to present LSESU Korean Society Korean Economic and Political Forum : “Korea in … [Read More]

      SOAS public workshop: State Capitalism and Development in East Asia

      A free all-day seminar sponsored by the Centre of Korean Studies at SOAS: State Capitalism and Development in East Asia Speakers Jeong Seongjin (Gyeongsang National University) Lee Jeong-koo (GNU) Gareth Dale (Brunel University) Jamie Allinson (University of Westminster) Owen Miller (SOAS, University of London) Tuesday, 6 November 2012, 10am-5pm Room B111, First Floor, Brunei Gallery, … [Read More]