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    • A look back at 2011 – part 3

      In the final part of our look back at 2011, we summarise some of the news stories which caught our eye. China This year the region’s biggest economy continued flexing its muscles: it conducted the first test flight of its new stealth fighter, announced that it had deployed stealth missile speedboats in the East China … [Read More]

      Two Koreas: Past, Present and Future – at LSE

      Looks like an interesting conference at the London School of Economics. Unfortunately, it’s the same day as another interesting conference organised by BAKS (26 Nov). On 26th November 2011, LSESU Korean Society is proud to present the first student-run Korean Economic and Political Forum: “Two Koreas: Past, Present and Future”. The forum will be divided … [Read More]

      Bad Samaritans Banned from Bases

      Korea's constitutional court confirms that Ha-joon Chang's "Bad Samaritans" is too dangerous to be read by the military # The 2nd Article of the 16th Clause of the military discipline rule stipulates that soldiers may not produce, copy, keep, transport or acquire subversive documents, books or any other means of expression, and to report … [Read More]

      Perceptions on the Cheonan incident

      Totally stunned at the South Koreans who don't believe that the North sunk the Cheonan. # Darren: Are they convinced it was an inside job? Philip: I was too busy rubbing my chin – bruised from hitting the floor so hard – that I wasn’t really focusing. And to be honest they weren’t making much … [Read More]

      GNP cracks down on internet piracy

      UK law to ban illegal downloads has echoes of Korean proposals: 'Upload a Song, Lose Your Internet Connection' #. The Korea Times also reports that lawmakers also passed another GNP-backed bill that calls for the strengthening of the real-name verification on Web sites. [Read More]

      Makgeolli extends its reach

      More on makgeolli: exports surge to record levels, and in some quarters the milky alcohol becomes a political metaphor for Lee Myung-bak’s presidential style – “down to earth, and up close and personal” #. Sources: Chosun Ilbo | Korea Times [Read More]

      How Chaebol bosses get out of jail

      How Chaebol bosses get out of jail: the Marmot on Lee Kun-hee’s release to spearhead the Pyeongchang 2018 campaign. | 3:56 PM Dec 30th, 2009 from Jaekoo: Indeed it was an interesting news to me as well. Don’t know why business professors and some media use jargons like Chaebol when more neutral (or … [Read More]

      RIP Kim Dae-jung

      RIP Kim Dae-jung, 3 December 1925 – 18 August 2009, who pioneered his country’s “Sunshine Policy” of engagement with North Korea. Kim, known as DJ, who was being treated for pneumonia, was reported to have died after suffering heart failure. The former leader had spent his life pursuing democracy and reunification with the North. The … [Read More]

      Roh Moo Hyun RIP

      One of the sad things about ex-President Roh’s death is the lack of news coverage it has received in the UK. The sad event was on Saturday morning 23 May, Korea time. Reuters, with the advantage of the date line on their side, managed a 22 May report. To their credit, the BBC has had … [Read More]