The attractions of North Korean restaurants

If ever you're on holiday in Cambodia this looks like the restaurant to visit. A North Korean noodle restaurant known for its beautiful waitresses – including the “North Korean Kim Tae-hee:” # …but if you work in South Korea you haven't got long to get there: an average of only 4.1 days for your […]

Dating a Korean American woman…

Korean-American girls are tough to date, says You Offend Me You Offend My Family in a great article entitled How To Survive A Date with A Korean American Woman, from August last year. Maybe because Koreans most materialistic people in the world, according to a survey reported in the Chosun Ilbo

E-Government in Korea – The Spirit of Sillok Lives On!

The forthcoming publication ‘Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis’ from the United Nations reveals the Republic of Korea to be at the top of both E-Government Development and E-Participation Indices. The website where the new report is introduced remarks: While technology is no substitute for good policy, it may give citizens […]

Suicides soar among NY Koreans

Suicides soar among New York Koreans – more depressing stories for 2009: Money troubles have been the leading force behind the sharp rise, say Korean civic leaders and officials, who are alarmed by the trend. Failure to get into top colleges, perform well at school or climb the economic ladder can cause deep shame and […]

Seoul is slacking

Seoul is slacking – beaten into second place by Cairo in hours worked per year according to the 2009 edition of the annual UBS Prices and Earnings report. # People in Seoul worked an average 2,312 hours a year, ranking second among residents of 73 major cities around the world. Cairenes were first with 2,373 […]

Sleepless in Seoul

The French spend more time sleeping than anyone else in OECD countries. They also devote more time to eating than anyone else and nearly double that of Americans, Canadians or Mexicans. The Japanese sleep nearly an hour less every night than the French and also spend longer at work and commuting than they do indulging […]

Another industry in which Korea leads the world

We all knew Korea had some world-beating industries: ships, chips, LCD screens. Add to that the manufacture of condoms, where three Korean companies – Unidus, Dongkuk Trading and Hankook Latex – account for 30% of the global market, according to the Chosun. Maybe there’s a big domestic demand – for example for high school field […]

Round-up of recent business stories

Some recent stories I don’t want to lose. Mercer’s annual cost of living survey for expats has recently been published. Seoul, last year’s number 2, has been pushed to number 3 by London. Moscow stays top of the list. Tokyo is fourth. Korea is also slipping in the GDP rankings. Bank of Korea data shows […]

S. Korea’s birth rate inches up

Whether it’s the auspicious influence of the year of the Golden Pig, the outcome of Bada’s awareness-raising concert, the result of Shin Dong-jin’s efforts as head of the birth-boosting campaign, or a combination of all the above, Yonhap announces an increase in the birthrate in 2006. KBS gets all technical about the potential astrological reasons: […]

What makes Juche bigger than Judaism?

In a rather strange survey, have produced a ranking of major “world” “religions”. Let’s take a look at the list. 1. Christianity: 2.1 billion 2. Islam: 1.3 billion OK so far. Let’s carry on. 3. Secular / Nonreligious / Agnostic / Atheist: 1.1 billion Sorry? “Secular / Nonreligious / Agnostic / Atheist” is a […]

Seoul lags as an international financial hub

The Corporation of London has just launched a new index: the Global Financial Centres Index. It’s a way of ranking various cities that aspire to being recognised as international financial services centres. It was launched in Cannes last week at MIPIM, the international property industry boondoggle. The occasion provided the opportunity to update the City’s […]