GNP cracks down on internet piracy

UK law to ban illegal downloads has echoes of Korean proposals: 'Upload a Song, Lose Your Internet Connection' #. The Korea Times also reports that lawmakers also passed another GNP-backed bill that calls for the strengthening of the real-name verification on Web sites.

iPhone boosts sausage sales

Snack sausage in alternative use as meat stylus – a substitute for your bare finger: Sausage sales have soared by 40% following a bout of cold weather and some smart chap discovering that CJ Corporation’s snack sausages have electrostatic properties that are rather similar to that of the human finger. Source: #

E-Government in Korea – The Spirit of Sillok Lives On!

The forthcoming publication ‘Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis’ from the United Nations reveals the Republic of Korea to be at the top of both E-Government Development and E-Participation Indices. The website where the new report is introduced remarks: While technology is no substitute for good policy, it may give citizens […]

Movable Metal Type – another world-beating Korean technology

Matthew Jackson continues his series of features on treasures from Korea’s past. It was arguably the most far-reaching invention since the wheel. Whereas the wheel enabled greater ease in transporting people and physical objects, the invention of metal type printing enabled the speedy transportation of ideas. The new technology was introduced in Korea 200 years […]

The Grand Culture Project

At the SOAS / AKS conference on 26 June, the talk by Kim Hyeon, Associate Professor of Cultural Informatics at the Academy of Korean Studies, had the title “the Korean Wave, Cultural Content and Cultural Informatics”. “What on earth is Cultural Informatics?” I hear you ask. You would not be alone. But read on. The […]