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    • Chatham House talk on DPRK

      As part of Chatham House’s Asia Programme there will be a talk given by Jasper Becker on the topic of The Challenge of North Korea to Regional and Global Stability next Thursday afternoon, August 17th. Biographical information provided by Chatham House follows: Jasper Becker is one of the UK’s most respected writers and journalists on … [Read More]

      DPRK propaganda films

      As promised yesterday. Thanks to Tom Coyner for circulating this link. Enjoy. Left: another of those excellent Russian holiday snaps from yesterday’s post. Update 8 Sept 2019: The above link no longer works, as the website no longer exists. I have checked the page in the web archive for the URLs of the underlying YouTube … [Read More]

      Holiday snaps from the DPRK

      Tom Coyner has delivered another gem of an email to his readership: a link to a great collection of new photographs of North Korea, apparently taken by a young Russian tourist couple very recently. An example is shown left. Visit for the full set. Aidan Foster-Carter provides additional commentary. Unfortunately the description of the … [Read More]

      Kim Jong-il’s book on cinema

      Filmbrain has spotted – and bought and, even more nobly, read – a translation of Kim Jong-il’s On the Art of Cinema. A snip at £22.50 from Amazon. I’ll add it to my wishlist, but I’m afraid it’s not top of the list! Thanks to atom over at for spotting this. Links: Buy at … [Read More]

      Nobble your vicar

      The organisation of the Global Week of Prayer for North Korea has been impressive. The website has been up for ages, allowing ample time for word-of-mouth. And then a week or so ago there was a bulk mailing. I happened to be around at the vicarage the other day for a meeting of the church … [Read More]

      Andrew Holloway: A Year in Pyongyang

      (Aidan FC’s website, 1988) Amid the pile of available reading material on the DPRK, is there room for an unpublished memoir, getting on for 20 years old, recording the experiences of a lowly “raiser” — someone who converts Konglish into English — in late 1980s Pyongyang? Definitely yes. Though obviously not state of the art, … [Read More]

      Elevator music leads to defection

      To many it’s the sort of music one would endure all sorts of hardship to get away from — but to a talented North Korean pianist it was a revelation which led him to defect to the South. Yes, it’s the easy-listening grooves of Richard Clayderman which inspired the conversion. It says something about the … [Read More]

      More on Lone Star / KEB and the US Kaesong visit

      I’m guessing that Douglas Anderson from the US House of Representatives has now reported back to base following his visit to Kaesong. Jay Lefkowitz, the US envoy for NK human rights has condemned the low wages and poor conditions there, to the understandable irritation of the South. I’m also guessing that the messages taken back … [Read More]

      North-themed update

      The Xinhua newsagency reports the cordial meeting between Kim Jong-Il’s brother-in-law Jang Song Taek and a member of the Chinese politbureau, as the DPRK’s tour of Chinese economic zones draws to a close. Meanwhile, Yoduk story, the musical based in a North Korean concentration camp, is a sell-out success. The BBC is now featuring the … [Read More]

      Life in the concentration camp – in a musical

      I was a bit slow in spotting this, but for politically controversial stage shows, Yoduk Story must take some beating – a musical about human rights abuses in one of North Korea’s concentration camps, written, directed and acted by defectors. See article in the Chosun Ilbo. Other Links: Musical brings Korean horrors home, Charles Scanlon, … [Read More]