That Robert Kelly BBC interview…

Gathered together in one place for your entertainment… The original live BBC interview with Robert Kelly in March 2017: A follow-up interview with the whole family: Ellen DeGeneres analyses the footage: And the best spoof I’ve come across: The Guardian has an interview with Robert Kelly here.

Event news: LSE SU Korea Future Forum

How refreshing to have a whole day conference on Korea without a mention of hallyu or the DPRK in the detailed programme (though security on the peninsula has a dedicated panel session in the afternoon). Buy tickets for the LSE Student Union’s Korea Future Forum via Eventbrite (top price £40 plus booking fee) LSE SU […]

Film review: The Lovers and the Despot

The way you watch Ross Adam’s and Robert Cannan’s The Lovers and the Despot is likely to depend on whether you know the story or not. To those who are coming to it afresh, this is an extraordinary tale which is another example of the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction: one of South […]

Kang Ik-joong’s Floating Dreams: the stories

As Kang Ik-joong said of his installation on the Thames: his motive in collecting drawings from the North Koreans displaced by the Korean War was actually to collect their stories. Here are some of those stories, as shared on the Totally Thames website. Park Yun Ok (age 95) “My name is Park Yun Ok. […]

Minister Thae moves south

Here are a few links relating to Minister Thae Yong-ho’s defection. Minister Thae was the cultural attache at the DPRK embassy in London, and according to reports effectively the deputy head of mission. At LKL, we came across him during the second art exhibition held at the embassy back in 2014. He was probably there […]

Looking back at 2015: DPRK and regional news

In our third review of 2015, we look at some of the North Korea related news, and stories which put the peninsula in a wider East Asian context. DPRK Human rights and defectors Shin Dong-hyuk, the most prominent campaigner among the defector community, admitted that some of his testimony (eg, in Escape from Camp 14) […]

Event report: Ambassador Hyon Hak-bong at Chatham House

Yesterday the DPRK Ambassador HE Hyon Hak-bong gave an on-the-record talk at Chatham House followed by Q&A. Fuller accounts of the talk will no doubt appear. NK News, the Guardian and the Telegraph have already posted theirs. Here are the messages that LKL registered. Obviously, this is not intended to be a transcript – more a […]

Understatement of the year: Joint concert “not quite a success”

There’s a delightful and very detailed account of the grand Independence Day North-South musical collaboration in the Korea Joongang Daily. The headline reads “DMZ concert not quite a success, but not a failure”. Less politely put, the affair sounds like it was a bit of a fiasco: Only “13 musicians … turned up: one violin, […]

Looking back at 2013: Domestic news

Our final look back at 2013, including a random collection of news stories, mainly domestic, that caught our attention. In the news Asiana Airlines flight 214 from Incheon crashed on landing at San Francisco airport on 6 July. The Boeing 777 had approached the runway too low and too slow. An American local TV station […]

Conference report: ROK-UK Forum on Peaceful Unification of Korea and Human Rights in North Korea

Thanks to guest contributor Sinae Hong for this report from the conference earlier this week. The ROK-UK Forum on Peaceful Unification of Korea and Human Rights in North Korea was held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel on Friday 19th November, 2013. The Cromwell Suite was full with well over 150 people, from British Veterans of […]

Korea-UK Forum on The Peaceful Unification of Korea

An upcoming conference on inter-Korea issues. Registration is required via the contact details on the poster below: Korea-UK Forum on The Peaceful Unification of Korea THE CROMWELL SUITE Millennium Gloucester Hotel, SW7 4LH 19 November 2013, 1pm – 9pm As part of the Korean President State Visit in November 2013 and to celebrate the 130th […]