Korean missionaries in Afghanistan

I just received a request from a reader for any means of contacting the organisation which has sent Korean missionaries to Afghanistan — or indeed contact details for any of the missionaries out there. The reader is anxious to contact a relative who is with the missionaries and who hasn’t been in touch for a […]

Susie Younger: Never ending flower

Susie Younger: Never ending flower Collins Harvill, 1967 To describe this book as a memoir of a Catholic missionary in South Korea in the early 1960s, while factually correct, undersells it. Yes, the author is a person of deep Christian faith, but her work in Korea is more that of a social worker than evangelist. […]


A picture to gladden the heart. I assume, based on the swords being carried (presumably not standard contemporary battlefield issue) that this is a photo of a rehearsal for a public performance. Thanks as ever to Tom Coyner for this treasure. And another, unrelated, bizarre item from the North, from Der Spiegel: this coming weekend […]

Korean Christians in Afghanistan

Every now and then I notice a story which has probably been bubbling away for a while in the background but which then suddenly grabs my attention by chance. One such has been the Korean Christian missionaries in Afghanistan. A couple of google searches reveals the significant missionary activities of the Korean churches, particularly in […]

Nobble your vicar

The organisation of the Global Week of Prayer for North Korea has been impressive. The website has been up for ages, allowing ample time for word-of-mouth. And then a week or so ago there was a bulk mailing. I happened to be around at the vicarage the other day for a meeting of the church […]

Banning the Da Vinci Code

The Christian Council of Korean has been trying to prevent the screening of the Da Vinci Code. I suppose that films which touch on religion are always likely to spark controversy in certain circles. But does noisy protest do more harm than good? There’s a thoughtful article in the Winter 2004 edition of the Korea […]