Nine Confucian academies listed at UNESCO

For visitors to Korea (such as myself) who like to try to get round all the UNESCO-listed world heritage sites, the list just got longer. On Saturday 6 July, the World Heritage Committee included nine Seowon, or Neo-Confucian Academies, in the list. The nine seowon are dotted around the central and southern parts of the […]

SOAS seminar: Shamans and Confucian Public Officials

The first SOAS seminar of the month: Shamans and Confucian Public Officials: Religion and Social Recognition in Korea Dr Antonio J. Domenech (Universidad de Málaga) Friday 1 March 2019, 5:15pm Room B104, Brunei Gallery, SOAS University of London This seminar is free, but registration is required. Register here Abstract The general objective of this presentation […]

Book review: Land of Scholars (Kang Jae-eun)

The Land of Scholars: Two Thousand Years of Korean Confucianism by Kang Jae-eun (translated from Japanese to Korean by Ha Woo-bong, then from Korean into English by Suzanne Lee) Homa & Sekey Books 2006; original Japanese version published in 2003. 515 pp Students of Korean history, and particularly of the Joseon dynasty, will inevitably at […]

Nammyeong Cho Shik: teacher, philosopher and inspiration for the anti-Japanese resistance armies

Sancheong-gun, Thursday 5 May 2011. Students of Korean history in the Koryo and particularly the Joseon period cannot avoid grappling at some stage with the concepts of Confucianism. Distilled down to its most digestible elements, it is portrayed in the West as a deeply conservative doctrine designed to keep people in their places: wives had […]

A glimpse of a Confucian scholar’s intimacy

More details of this Friday’s free seminar at SOAS Friday, February 5th, 5pm, room G50 (main building) Isabelle Sancho, EHESS “A glimpse of Confucian scholar’s intimacy: the correspondence of Yulgok Yi I (1536-1584)” Abstract: The talk will focus on the correspondence of Yulgok Yi I (1536-1584), one of the most outstanding Confucian scholars of the […]

Ch’udo yebae: Christian Accommodation to Korean Ancestral Rites

Details of November’s Global Korea Lecture at the Cultural Centre: Tuesday 24th November 2009, 6.30pm Subject: Ch’udo yebae: Christian Accommodation to Korean Ancestral Rites Speaker: Professor James H. Grayson (School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield) Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre According to the 2005 Korean Household and Population Census, Christians now represent […]

Happy birthday Confucius

Happy birthday Confucius: 2,560 years old today. Born in 551 BC, the influential Chinese philosopher Confucius was known for his intelligence and foresight. There is little chance, however, that even he could have predicted how the Western world would celebrate the 2,560th anniversary of his birth: with a custom logo for search engine Google. Source: […]

Confucius from the Heart – Asia House

Yu Dan in conversation with Rosie Blau Thursday 23 Apr, 2009 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM Location: Asia House Doors 6.30pm Yu Dan, Professor of Media Studies at Beijing Normal University, is celebrated in China for a series of lectures on Confucius broadcast on China Central Television. Her highly personal interpretation of Confucian thought was […]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #5: James Grayson

Professor James Grayson – Professor of Modern Korean Studies and Director of Centre for Korean Studies, Sheffield University Ch’udo yebae: a Protestant substitute for Confucian ancestral rituals Abstract: An early resolution of a conflict of values is necessary if a missionary religion is to find acceptance in the culture of the receiving society. In East […]