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Lost in Translation

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by Philip Gowman on 13 February, 2010

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Every now and then I get an off-the-wall request landing in my in-box. It’s one of the pleasures of running this site. Here’s the latest. Can anyone help the new occupant of a flat whose previous occupant was a Korean? The intercom system doesn’t work, but fortunately the previous tenant left behind a helpful diagram. […]


Your help requested. And, some people have all the luck

by Philip Gowman 28 June 2007

A reader at ukfan’s DJG Comic Relief forum is doing a research project on Dae Jang Geum. He’s a PhD researcher at Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Leeds Metropolitan University. As part of this he needs your help to perfect a cultural survey. The survey can be found here. Please email it to […]

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Your input is valued

by Philip Gowman 6 June 2007

Towards the end of last year I asked you to provide feedback, anonymous or otherwise, on Think Korea 2006. Part of my motive for doing that was to reflect any comments you had in my year-end roundup of 2006 events. But also I knew that the organisers were going to ask for some informal face-to-face […]

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Bae Doo-na’s London Photo Journal

by Philip Gowman 5 April 2007
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Thanks to Mark Russell over at Korea Pop Wars for news of a photo journal of Bae Doo-na’s visit to London. Can any Korean speakers out there have a read of what appears to be Ms Bae’s official blog at Naver, and tell me how to get hold of the book? Update 11 April: It’s […]

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Biographical details for Min Yeong?

by Philip Gowman 4 April 2007

Regular readers will recall the interesting project that Gavin O’Toole is engaged in: a collection of poems from around the world on the subject of Che Guevara. With the help of Brother Anthony, Gavin got hold of the translations of two Korean poems, one by Ko Un and the other by Min Yeong. As the […]

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Dae Jang Geum survey

by Philip Gowman 3 April 2007

A request for assistance from a PhD researcher. Hello, I’m a Ph.D. student at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California. I am interested in studying popular cultural phenomena in or related to East Asia. I’m currently working on a research project about viewer’s perceptions and opinions of Korean TV dramas. I would […]

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Music to delight a Korean host

by Philip Gowman 23 March 2007

An interesting request for advice from a reader. A group of tutors from a British music academy is visiting Seoul on a school exchange. They’ve formed a band and want to perform a Korean number for their hosts. The band consists of bass, drums, guitar and keyboard plus female vocalist, and they are looking for […]

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Korean missionaries in Afghanistan

by Philip Gowman 7 February 2007

I just received a request from a reader for any means of contacting the organisation which has sent Korean missionaries to Afghanistan — or indeed contact details for any of the missionaries out there. The reader is anxious to contact a relative who is with the missionaries and who hasn’t been in touch for a […]

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Your help needed in Hongdae

by Philip Gowman 16 January 2007

My spies tell me that this Friday night (19 Jan) is a good time to be in Hongdae. Go to up to 10 live music clubs and it only costs you 15,000 Won for the lot, as part of the SoundDay event, which isn’t bad value. But for a pretty un-hip Brit who doesn’t speak […]

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Things Korean in London / New Malden

by Philip Gowman 13 January 2007
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Prompted by another query from a visitor, I thought I’d catalogue all the things which people seem to want to know about in London and about which there is no information on this site. Do please let me know if these are available anywhere in central London or New Malden: A Korean public bath-house / […]

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Your help needed in Seoul

by Philip Gowman 8 January 2007

Two recent questions from readers. Firstly, one which risks eliciting a huge number of recommendations, from Ashey: Hi, I had the Yuko system done in England 6 months ago and now I am living in Korea and I am looking for a similar hair straightening system in Seoul. If anyone could give me the name […]

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Books on Korean Heroes

by Philip Gowman 9 December 2006

Probably a fairly straightforward question from a visitor in the US: I have children born in U.S. For education purposes, I am trying to find good (series of) books written in English for Korean Heroes in old history. Could someone refer me to website links? Thanks. My immediate thought is to recommend the series recently […]

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Che Guevara in Korean poetry (part 2)

by Philip Gowman 3 December 2006

Thanks to daeguowl for researching this interesting question, and for coming up with some additional poems to consider. And a special thanks to Brother Anthony of Taize for giving of his time, and providing translations for the two key poems which our visitor was interested in. Here they are: Memoirs by Ko Un Translated by […]

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Che Guevara in Korean poetry

by Philip Gowman 29 November 2006
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Here’s a fascinating query I just received from a reader. I am compiling a book of poetry from around the world about the Argentine-Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. I have been referred to the titles of two Korean poems that make indirect references to Che: In front of Kim Nam-ju’s grave written by Min Yeong in […]

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Your help requested again

by Philip Gowman 17 October 2006

Two questions from a reader from Manchester: Does anyone know of Korean (or Korean diaspora) artists living and working in Britain? Does anyone know of any Korean societies in Manchester? Please leave comments below if you can help

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Learning Korean in London

by Philip Gowman 18 September 2006

I had a query recently from a visitor to this site as to where she could take beginners classes in Korean. The only place I know of is SOAS, and no-one else could think of any other places. By coincidence, I got an email from Cho Jaehee, the co-ordinator of Korean courses at SOAS, asking […]

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Korean books in London

by Philip Gowman 8 September 2006

We were unable to give a decent answer to the recent visitor to this site who asked where he could buy Korean books in London. The best anyone could come up with was to try a trip to New Malden. [Update: there’s a Korean bookshop in New Malden which I visited recently. More info here.] […]

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