Korean bookshop in New Malden

Thanks to David Gomez for writing in with an answer to a question which lots of people have asked: where to buy Korean books in London. Not books about Korea, not books about how to learn Korean, but books written in Korean. My standard answer is that I haven’t the foggiest idea, but that if […]

Dae Jang Geum musical needs translator

From this week’s Seoul Selection newsletter Seoul Selection is looking for translators to translate the libretto of the musical “Dae Jang Geum” produced by PMC Production. The translation — approximately 30 pages (A4) — needs to be done rather quickly, with the deadline for the translation being Aug 18. You should have plenty of time […]

Translator wanted

A translator is wanted to translate an academic paper from Korean into English – 25 pages including around 30 pictures. Please email me using the contact form if you are interested. Compensation by mutual agreement. Update 16 July 2007: No more applications please. Thank you to those who have expressed an interest in this. The […]

A listing of Korean food stores

Update 12 December 2018. The current exhibition of Jeonju cuisine at the KCC has a handy “Korean Food Map” of London, listing out restaurants and food stores in the area. It seems pretty comprehensive, so I’ve rewritten this post, which was originally compiled in 2007, using data from that leaflet, at least for London and […]

Model needed for global media campaign

This could be your chance to get your face into the newspapers and magazines all over the world. I received an interesting email today from a producer looking to put together a still photoshoot for an advert for Barclays Bank. She’s seeking a particular “look”. I was just about to post the email verbatim when […]

Native Korean interviewer urgently required

Anyone interested in the below? Contact Shauna if so. Serrula Research is a Market Research company which specializes in international research for Business to Business and medical research. We are currently looking for a native Korean speaker to help us with an international project that includes interviews in South Korea. The project will last for […]

Your input is valued

Towards the end of last year I asked you to provide feedback, anonymous or otherwise, on Think Korea 2006. Part of my motive for doing that was to reflect any comments you had in my year-end roundup of 2006 events. But also I knew that the organisers were going to ask for some informal face-to-face […]

Korean female vocalist wanted

I got an interesting email from a visitor today. We are an international ensemble of experimental musicians, SOKI2U. See our website (linked below) to hear some of our music. We are urgently seeking a Korean female vocalist, and the ability to play an instrument and compose your own songs would be a huge advantage. We […]

Bae Doo-na’s London Photo Journal

Thanks to Mark Russell over at Korea Pop Wars for news of a photo journal of Bae Doo-na’s visit to London. Can any Korean speakers out there have a read of what appears to be Ms Bae’s official blog at Naver, and tell me how to get hold of the book? Update 11 April: It’s […]

Biographical details for Min Yeong?

Regular readers will recall the interesting project that Gavin O’Toole is engaged in: a collection of poems from around the world on the subject of Che Guevara. With the help of Brother Anthony, Gavin got hold of the translations of two Korean poems, one by Ko Un and the other by Min Yeong. As the […]

Dae Jang Geum survey

A request for assistance from a PhD researcher. Hello, I’m a Ph.D. student at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California. I am interested in studying popular cultural phenomena in or related to East Asia. I’m currently working on a research project about viewer’s perceptions and opinions of Korean TV dramas. I would […]

Korean missionaries in Afghanistan

I just received a request from a reader for any means of contacting the organisation which has sent Korean missionaries to Afghanistan — or indeed contact details for any of the missionaries out there. The reader is anxious to contact a relative who is with the missionaries and who hasn’t been in touch for a […]

Your help needed in Hongdae

My spies tell me that this Friday night (19 Jan) is a good time to be in Hongdae. Go to up to 10 live music clubs and it only costs you 15,000 Won for the lot, as part of the SoundDay event, which isn’t bad value. But for a pretty un-hip Brit who doesn’t speak […]