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From Elgar to Shamans and Spicy Squid

An Evening with UK-based Korean Artists, sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Centre, 27 June 2008 Report by Jennifer Barclay, with photos also by David Kilburn and Saharial Let’s hope this is the first of many evenings devoted to young Korean artists living in the UK, because the … [Read More]

Behind the scenes with the KAA

With photos by Seong Hee Jo When you turn up to a cultural event, it’s not always clear how much effort (and stress) has gone into organising it. But even with the most informal of events, there’s a great deal of work that has gone on in the preceding weeks. With the KAA event at … [Read More]

An evening with the Korean Artists Association

Press Release The Korean Artists Association UK was formed by 7 Korean artists in 1997, at a time when the activities of Korean artists in the U.K. were not broadly recognized. Over the last 10 years the Association has organized a number of activities and has grown in membership. Korean artists living and working in … [Read More]

Welcome, Korean Artists

For a number of years, Korean artists in the UK have gathered together more or less formally in an Association to speak for their collective needs and promote their collective talents. They have, for example, lobbied over the years for the establishment of the Korean Cultural Centre. The most recent event to have showcased some … [Read More]

Chuseok celebrations at Asia House

The Chuseok celebrations at Asia House on 12 October, though a couple of days late for the festival itself, were warmly received by a capacity audience. Dr Keith Howard from SOAS gave a useful introduction to the meaning of Chuseok, and also explained the genesis of one of the instruments being played that evening — … [Read More]