Daniel Gordon

On the day that news reaches us of Kim Jong-il’s death, new contributor Hong Nguyen discusses the documentary A State of Mind, directed by Daniel Gordon (VeryMuchSo Productions, 2004) Relatively little is known about the daily lives of North Korean people, exempting the glimpses into a cruel reality of famine and poverty under the late […]


A North Korean Feelgood Lecture

by Peter Corbishley 23 January 2009
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A report on the fascinating talk given by Nick Bonner about making documentaries in North Korea

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Crossing the Line screening, with Q&A

by Events Editor 4 August 2007

One of these last-minute things I’m afraid. I just checked my least-used email account to find information about a screening of Crossing the Line at the Frontline Club (near Paddington Station) tomorrow, Sunday. There was to have been a Q&A hosted by director Dan Gordon, but he’s had to pull out due to ill health, […]

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DPRK on the BBC and elsewhere

by Philip Gowman 15 March 2007

On Radio Three, on BBC TV, and also on the National Geographic Channel. First up, what you’ve all been waiting for: the screening of Dan Gordon’s latest film, Crossing the Line. It’s on BBC4 on 22 March. Set the video, because of course most of you in London will be having some Ferrero Rocher with […]

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Daniel Gordon’s latest, and other NY Times DPRK coverage

by Philip Gowman 24 October 2006

The coverage at the NY Times in the past few days has been something else. A piece on Daniel Gordon’s third film on the DPRK, Crossing the Line (Image above, from VeryMuchSo Productions), which premiered at PIFF recently. I hope it comes to the UK soon. I’ve just emailed Nick Bonner to find out. Some […]

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