Seven ways in which Hill of Freedom is different from other Hong Sang-soo films

… and some ways in which it isn’t. Hill of Freedom (자유의 언덕) is Hong Sang-soo’s 16th feature, and could not have been made by anyother director. The awkwardness of human interaction and conversation, the bonding over alcohol, the fragmentation of the narrative, the aim to rekindle lost love – all are common features of […]

The tweet that launched a podcast

I was watching Nobody’s Daughter Haewon as part of the BFI London Film Festival this year, and was rather enjoying it. I’ve done a little review of it here. It was nice to see some familiar locations in the film. And then I saw something even more familiar: one of the characters in the film […]

Hong Sang-soo for beginners

Darcy Paquet: Which Hong Sang-soo film is best to show to a newcomer? My gut feeling is HaHaHa. Will test this on my Korean cinema class in May. lklinks: Fell asleep during HaHaHa. My choice would be Like you know it all. darcypaquet: According to Twitter votes, the best Hong Sang-soo film to show a […]

Korean film at Cannes 2011

Three Korean Films have been invited to the 2011 Cannes Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard section. Nice to see Kim Ki-duk back in action with Arirang. #. Na Hong-jin’s Yellow Sea plus the latest Hong Sang-soo also going.

2010: a bumper year for Korean film?

Not so long ago, the Korean film industry seemed to be in the doldrums. Darcy, Twitch and others were sounding notes of gloom that Korean cinema had lost its way. But then things picked up again, with blockbusters such as Haeundai, and new indie films such as Breathless making the headlines and bringing in the […]